Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm new at this...

So I created my blogger account three days ago and I still haven’t been able to come up with something to say.  I considered an "introduction" blog.  Where I would introduce myself to you, talk about my life, tell you about all things Brittney, and then it hit me:  the people reading your blog already know you.  Because let’s face it, they probably saw a post on Facebook (which means we are friends because I am very picky about who sees my Facebook).  So I decided to skip the introduction and just start!
I am a little concerned that it took me three days to figure out what to talk about.  I’m thinking “this is bad, I haven’t even started my blog and I have writer’s block!”  Hopefully this gets easier and my posts are somewhat interesting.   I am really new to the blogging world.  My mom is the one who opened me up to blogging.  She started telling me about all of her friends and their fabulous blogs.  At first I wasn’t really interested in reading about other people’s lives.  Especially my mother’s friends, but she sent me the link to their blogs and I was instantly fascinated.  She follows a lady who is a stay-at-home mom.  Her blogs are hilarious.  She is so funny, I find myself laughing (out loud) while reading.   Also, I start thinking about all the funny, quirky, and ridiculous things that my family does.  I am convinced that we are interesting and that someone should record all of this stuff.  So I began pressuring my mom to do a blog.  I sent her an email listing out all the different topics she could write about. Every time something funny happens I started mentioning “this would be great for your blog!”  So after two weeks of pressuring her with no results, I decided I would take matters into my own hands and do it myself.   
I am most eager to blog because my life is at a crossroads.  In the past month I have graduated college, moved to a new town, and tomorrow is the first day at my new job!  I want to stay connected to my friends and family and let them know what is going on in my life.  This is such an exciting time for me and I can’t think of a better way to preserve these memories!

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