Friday, May 6, 2016

Small Things

Now that it's been five and a half years two months since my last blog post, I figured I should probably give a quick update. On one hand, I look back on the last two months and think to myself, "I have nothing to report ...wake, work, eat, sleep, repeat."  Isn't that what we're all doing these days? Just surviving...barely. The daily grind has a way of taking over, we become stagnant and consumed by mindless tasks and responsibilities. Forgetting to savor the small things...

Like lime snow cones infused with salt, reminding you that summer is almost here.

The smell of chicken kabobs on the grill, marinated in your mother's special sauce. Anticipating that first bite of charred pineapple, guaranteed to melt in your mouth.

A wind blown-sunshiny-day exploring the Oklahoma countryside.

Learning to make your favorite (caprese) salad, using fresh herbs -there's nothing better than fresh herbs.

Beautiful roses delivered to your doorstep, just because.

A serendipitous shopping trip, which resulted in bringing home that item you've been pining for for months (at a discount no less).

The perfect date night: front row parking, dining over the sunset on Lake Hefner and dancing the night away under a shower of confetti and the familiarity of old tunes.

So many wonderful small things.


  1. all of these pics look strangely familiar :)

    1. :-) I can only think of one person who'd be able to say that! xoxo -Boo