Thursday, February 11, 2016

Chickasaw Country Take Over!

Hello Internet!

I am just popping in to share a quick announcement! 

I am soo excited to be "taking over" the Chickasaw Country social media accounts tomorrow (for the day)! I'm going on a quick day-trip to some of the best places in Chickasaw Country and will be documenting my experiences over on their twitter account! If you want to follow along, "like" Chickasaw Country on Facebook & find em' on twitter @Chickasaw! Or look for me on the #BestofCC hashtag! 

There will be food. Shopping. Outdoorsy stuff...I can't wait! Yippee!

TGIF! (almost!) 


  1. How fun! I have been following their account and blog since little Mrs Brooke Haney had it! Have fun girl!

    1. Hey! Thank you! I loved Brooke! :-)