Friday, February 26, 2016

Calligraphy Class + Blue Eye Brown Eye

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw my post about taking a (beginner) calligraphy class last weekend. I've always had a fascination with beautiful handwriting. My mother has beautiful penmanship, very elegant -I remember admiring it as a little girl & I hoped that when I grew up I would inherit my mother's skill. Unfortunately, that didn't happen! While my handwriting isn't terrible...I wouldn't describe it as elegant either.

So for more than a year I've had my eye on this calligraphy class. It is held at my favorite stationary store, Chrips and Cheers. If you're ever in OKC you must go in there -it's right across the street from McNellie's Pub! They have the BEST selection of cards and the most beautiful stationary. I could spend hours browsing!

Anyway, the class is taught by expert calligrapher Lauren Essl of Brown Eye Blue Eye (check out her website, so cute!). Lauren travels the country teaching workshops and does custom design and calligraphy work as well.

When I first looked into taking the class, the cost scared me off. I wasn't sure I was ready to invest a lot of money on a "hobby" I didn't sign up.

Rewind to four months ago, it was #shoplocal Saturday (the day after Black Friday) I was shopping for Christmas cards (at Chirps & Cheers) and I mentioned that I was interested in taking the class if it was ever offered again. As luck would have it, they told me they were offering the class in February and I could sign up! (the class sells out pretty fast so I was excited to be the first on the list -they hadn't opened enrollment yet!) 

Of course, after telling my mom she decided to sign up as well!

We had the most wonderful time! Lauren is such a good teacher -very patient and well spoken. We spent most of the class learning the basics (how to hold your pen, how to dip your pen, ink flow and pressure, lower case letters and connecting letters). Also, we went home with lot's of swag -including a calligraphy pen, nibs, tracing paper, ink, washi tape, etc.

I highly recommend the beginner class to anyone with a real interest in calligraphy. However, I must warn you -this is one of those skills that comes with practice. Remember learning to write as a little kid? Think about how much your handwriting has improved since then! Calligraphy is the same concept -right now I'm a little kid learning to's awkward holding the pen, there are smudges and accidents...but soon it will come naturally! (so don't assume that after you take the class you will be ready to address hundreds of wedding envelopes or open an etsy shop! ha!)

Has anyone else ventured out into the art of calligraphy? I'd love to hear feedback about helpful tips & tricks!

Before we go, here are a few of my favorite things on the internet from the past few weeks:

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One more thing -  I wrote this post a while ago but forgot to share it on Facebook! Oops!

Happy Friday Friends!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Chickasaw Country Take Over!

Hello Internet!

I am just popping in to share a quick announcement! 

I am soo excited to be "taking over" the Chickasaw Country social media accounts tomorrow (for the day)! I'm going on a quick day-trip to some of the best places in Chickasaw Country and will be documenting my experiences over on their twitter account! If you want to follow along, "like" Chickasaw Country on Facebook & find em' on twitter @Chickasaw! Or look for me on the #BestofCC hashtag! 

There will be food. Shopping. Outdoorsy stuff...I can't wait! Yippee!

TGIF! (almost!) 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Fleeting Moments

In line to check-in at the doctor's office when a mother and daughter enter the waiting room. The little girl was full of energy, twirling her skirt & skipping around the room. Her mother looked on with tired eyes, letting her daughter run free. Moments later I felt a little tug on my coat, I glanced down to see the little girl's arms reaching up to me as she softly spoke "momma! momma!" wanting to be held but too distracted to notice that she was reaching for a stranger. Before I could respond the child's mother scooped her up and muttered "that's not your momma!" as she placed a gentle kiss on her cheek.  A fleeting, innocent moment that made me smile.

-I wrote this a few weeks ago but never shared it. I don't keep a diary (or journal), however, occasionally I'll write a blog post or letter for "my eyes only." On bad days, the best remedy (for me) is to write it down. Whether it be a letter airing my grievances or a stern note to the helps to get it out. Of course, I always hit delete. The same is true for happy moments. I love re-living them on paper. Lately, I've been wrestling with the idea of closing my blog. I don't have much time for it anymore and I'm not sure anyone (but my mom -hi mom!) is reading it...however, I can't bring myself to do it. It's a time capsule of the last five years -the story of my twenties. One day I'll look back and re-read these fleeting moments and smile.

I hope you all had a wonderful week! Right now my life is centered around the fit challenge & I've got one week left! I'm 10 pounds down and feeling better than ever!

Before we go, here are a few of my favorite things on the internet:

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Habit Shift: Cloth Napkins. My late grandmother always used cloth napkins. She even had napkin rings with our names on them so we could reuse them. I haven't thought about Grammy's cloth napkins in years but reading this took me back to her. I miss her so.
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Happy Friday!