Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Book Review: Leave Your Mark

I came across "Leave Your Mark" on twitter (recommended by theSkimm). The tagline "Land your dream job, kill it in your career, rock social media" jumped out at me from across the screen #lifegoals. 

 So I used my monthly Audible credit and was listening to Aliza Licht (herself) just hours later.

"Leave Your Mark" is one of those books I wish had been available 5 years ago when I was gearing up for my first internship, nervous and unsure of myself.

Aliza is such an inspiration, she graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Neurobiology and Physiology -on track to becoming a plastic surgeon. Upon realizing that being a surgeon wasn't her dream, she decided to pursue a career in the fashion industry. Today, Aliza is the Senior Vice President of Global Communications for Donna Karan International! -Work it girl! 

In her book, Aliza gives us a play-by-play of how she made it to the top. She is the smart, sassy & brutally honest mentor I never had. She covered so many topics, everything from "how to write a professional email," "netowrking" & "developing your personal brand" (something I'm slowly working on). 

Aside from the amazing career advice, Aliza gives us an insider glimpse into the world of fashion. Her stories were that of "The Devil Wears Prada." I've heard that you have to have thick skin to work in the fashion industry, but my gosh! Who knew it could be so ruthless! 

One night (while binge listening to her book) I decided to tweet Aliza. I about fell out of my chair when she tweeted me back!

Needless to say, she has a new fan-girl! 

I can't recommend this book enough. No matter what the industry, "Leave Your Mark" is relevant to anyone looking to achieve success. You will be empowered, inspired and much much wiser! 

After listening to the audio version, I decided to purchase the ebook as well. I wanted to go back and highlight my favorite moments from the book, which is now being used as my own little "career bible!"

It's been a month since I finished it and I'm still just as motivated & inspired. I've been practicing her "method" fo success and I can already see the effects it has had on my work (and relationships)!

I hope you'll give it a try. It is by far my favorite read of 2015! 

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