Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Road Rage

This afternoon I was driving back to work from lunch, a few minutes late (as usual)…I take a highway that runs on the outer skirts of town to avoid slow traffic, stop signs & stoplights. It’s probably not any faster, but it’s better for my mental health.

Anyway, today as I was exiting off the highway…about to merge onto a street named “Richardson Loop” …one of the busiest streets in town...I see a white pickup truck in front of me slam on his breaks! It all happened so fast, I had to swerve onto the grassy shoulder to avoid rear-ending him!

Of course, being the obnoxious /impatient/always-in-a-hurry person that I am, I slam on my horn!

::honk honk::

Assuming the reason for his sudden break was due to his lack of ability to merge off of the highway onto traffic.

Anyway I speed past him –shooting him a nasty glare!

It was in that moment, mid honk & glare, that I see the reason for the sudden stop:

A big white funeral hurst slowly passes by.


And the award for the most terrible person on earth goes to…

(I started to write something about dropping dead from the embarrassment but I decided it wasn’t in good taste, ahem.)

Anyway, I could feel the eyes of every driver staring at me with disgust.

In a moment of desperation to escape the embarrassment, I literally fled the scene!

You’d think I would have had the grace to pull over…nope! I hit the gas and sped off!

It wasn't my best moment.

Every now and then we all need a big slice of humble pie….I had mine today.

And now my friends, I will leave you with a few of my favorite road rage memes. Enjoy!

*All images found here.


  1. I love this...I literally laughed out loud! haha Fleeing the scene was probably the best option hehe