Wednesday, September 24, 2014


by Wednesday, a local OKC shop 
(only $10! yippee!)
I can't decided where to hang it but I'm thinking it would be darling in my bathroom

Coffee and netflix on a lazy Saturday morning. 

Babysitting my Kosmo, he went home yesterday :-( 

Football season is here! Chi O Family day with the siblings.

Decorating for fall. My favorite time of year. 

Working on a movie set, something to cross off the bucket list!

Bath time, he wasn't happy! 

*these matching heels are on my Christmas list! 

My hair is too thick for the crown braid so I tried to do a "half-up" crown turned out better than expected. 

Raking leaves is my least favorite thing to do, however, these pumpkin bags made it bearable. 
Also, I think of my dad every time I see them, he used them in our yard when we were kids.

A friend of mine surprised me with a load of homegrown pumpkins...
The front porch is now my happy place.
It's Kosmo's happy place too. 

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Hope you are enjoying the first few days of fall! 

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