Wednesday, September 24, 2014


by Wednesday, a local OKC shop 
(only $10! yippee!)
I can't decided where to hang it but I'm thinking it would be darling in my bathroom

Coffee and netflix on a lazy Saturday morning. 

Babysitting my Kosmo, he went home yesterday :-( 

Football season is here! Chi O Family day with the siblings.

Decorating for fall. My favorite time of year. 

Working on a movie set, something to cross off the bucket list!

Bath time, he wasn't happy! 

*these matching heels are on my Christmas list! 

My hair is too thick for the crown braid so I tried to do a "half-up" crown turned out better than expected. 

Raking leaves is my least favorite thing to do, however, these pumpkin bags made it bearable. 
Also, I think of my dad every time I see them, he used them in our yard when we were kids.

A friend of mine surprised me with a load of homegrown pumpkins...
The front porch is now my happy place.
It's Kosmo's happy place too. 

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Hope you are enjoying the first few days of fall! 

Friday, September 12, 2014

First Date

My Grandfather has been writing the most beautiful stories about his life. Most of them are stories I'd never heard before. I thought it might be neat to share one of them on the blog. I hope you don't mind. It's about his first date with my grandmother. I tell him this as often as I can: never stop writing. One day I hope to have a novel filled with his memories. They are so precious to me.

...So my friends, on this rainy rainy day, find a soft blanket, grab your hot cocoa and travel back to the year 1959. Enjoy! 

"Fun, fun, fun" -That’s the best description of the great times I (and my 6 pals) had for the first three years of high school. Football, basketball, track, baseball, hunting, fishing and of course, chasing girls, were our favorite extracurricular activities.

Our senior year of 1959 arrived and our priorities began to change. Suddenly we began to get more serious about the girls, gravitating away from playing the field, focusing on one girl in particular. My good pals started going steady and getting serious. There was Tony and Phyllis, Johnny and Pat, Jimmy and Marc Ann, and Keith with Janelle. All would later marry and with only one exception, remain so to this day. I can still here my mother singing: “Wedding Bells Are Breaking up That Ole Gang of Mine!”

One day Tony pulled me aside to tell me Phyllis had been told, by her best friend Kay Long, she’d like to have a date with me. Since she was only a 14-year-old ninth-grader at Madill Junior High, I’d never noticed Kay (other than the fact I had dated her older sister Nora). She and her younger sister Caroline were so close in age I didn’t even know them apart.

However, once Tony told me of her interest, I took a second look. Mature for her age, this slender, curvaceous, 5’6” beautiful blond, immediately caught my eye. She had changed considerably since the last time I saw her. I was immediately taken with her outgoing manner and sweet smiling face.

Besides her beauty, Kay was also very popular with her peers. A straight-A student, she was a member of the National Honor Society, President of the student body, a cheerleader and active in many school activities. 

There she was in plain sight and silly me, I’d never noticed.

Tony and Phyllis made it easy for me to ask her out on that first date. They suggested we go on a double-date at the drive-in movie. So the pressure was on. I was going to ask out a girl three years younger than me. Would her parents let her go? When I finally got up the nerve, she put me off until she could ask her parents. Luckily, they already knew me from the time I dated Nora. Much to my delight, the next day at lunch Kay gave me the news that her mother had given her a conditional yes. Because I was older, she could go out with me just this one time.

Dad let me drive his 1956 Olds 88. I was hoping that would impress her (besides it gave me one up on her ninth grade boy classmates who were not old enough to drive). Both Kay and Phyllis lived in the oil camps 12 miles away from our little town. It was easy to go on from their houses, which was half way in between, to the larger (and what we thought was cooler) college town of Durant. It had not one, but two, drive-in movies and better choices of hamburger drive up joints, the kind with car hops who, amazingly, took your order while you sat in your car.

It was a great first date. One I was sure would not be the last if Kay’s parents would let her go with me again. So when we met for lunch the following Monday, I decided to ask her out for Saturday night. I must have made a good impression because again they said yes.

Soon she would be wearing my senior ring along with my letter jacket. We eloped three years later and this time we didn’t ask permission. That first date was the beginning of what would be a very long and loving 50 year commitment which produced three wonderful children and 5 super grandchildren.

I could read these stories all day Poppa, such a romantic!

Happy Friday!


1569 Olds 88 image source