Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Step Right Up!

Three years ago I moved to a small town, I didn't have any friends or family.

It was a little scary, I was a city girl with preconceived notions about small town life. 

Everything changed when I met the Kings. Susan was my co-worker, a fellow Southeastern graduate. 

We bonded over our love for Harry Potter & Broadway...it didn't take long for us to become close friends and the rest is history!

*I should mention that I absolutely love my small town life, it's home. My moving to Ada was a total "God thing" -he knew I would love it here!

Susan and Corey have become my adopted family; they're the first people I call when I'm in a jam. 

A year ago they were blessed with a precious baby boy. 

He turned one last weekend & I couldn't resist sharing the photos from his birthday party! It was so adorable & so much fun!

Click on the links below for party sources:
Custom printables
Elephant cupcake toppers
Slated Caramel Cupcakes 
Frito Pies
Ring of Fire
Cotton Candy

*the wooden objects (sideshow alley, circus acts, popcorn sign, clowns) were hand made by Susan's husband Corey, isn't he awesome?!

Wasn't that such a cute birthday party? I can't get over all the detail she put into it!

Happy Birthday Parker! You are one lucky boy!

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