Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Vintage Chandelier

When I moved into the doll house I wasn't crazy about the chandelier in the dining room and decided to replace it.

My mother had several of my late grandmother's vintage chandeliers and offered one of them to me.

I chose this one:

My grandparents had the most charming yellow house. It was such a special place, it was my mom's childhood home and it'd been in our family since it was built in 1923.

The chandelier hung in their dining room. My great, great Grandmother Welch bought it for my grandparents from Sears in 1974 -making it 40 years old this year!

We painted it dark oiled bronze and changed out the candle sleeves for these white ones.

You can't tell in the photo above but it's covered in tiny holes meant for hanging crystals. We searched all over my mother's house for the crystals but never found them...until last month.

I was going through the attic looking for the boxes containing my high school trinkets and there they were!

I brought them home, cleaned them up a bit and voila!

It looks stunning!

It was a small update with a big impact, my dining room feels much more put together.

And I can't help but think that my Grammy would be thrilled to know I have it. I miss her so much sometimes. It's comforting to look up at the crystals and know that I have a little piece of her in my home.

Do any of you incorporate family heirlooms into your decorating? Do you mix vintage pieces with modern items?


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    1. Thanks Kristen!! :-) I love it too!

  2. Hey girl, I nominated you for a Liebster Awarad! Check it out here: http://misssouthernblog.blogspot.com/2014/07/liebster-award-nominee.html