Friday, June 27, 2014

Taking Stock

Making : birthday party decorations. Last weekend was the 1920's & this weekend is a circus party! 

Cooking : not as much as I should be, I need to buy groceries and get back on track

Drinking : ice tea and Diet Dr. Pepper

Reading: Bridge to Heaven by Francine Rivers  

Wanting: so many things for my home, I can't even count

 Looking: For the perfect couch pillows...I think I found them at Target

Playing: with a MacBook Air for the first time this week. I've got to say, I'm hooked and I want one! 

Wasting: so many hours watching Grey's Anatomy (from the beginning) on Netflix, it's not even funny

Sewing: nothing. I don't know how but I wish I was sewing curtains for my living room! 

Wishing: see above. (or maybe that I could eat whatever I want without getting fat... #truth) 

Enjoying: time with friends, the type of friends you can be goofy with

Wondering: what to do with my hair, I need a hair cut. Bad 

Loving: bando twist scarves, the perfect summer accessory for a messy hair day 

Hoping: Nice (quiet) people buy the house next door 

Marveling: at how much has changed in the last year. I've come a long way! 

Needing: to pull weeds in the garden. There's just so. many. weeds 

Smelling: Snowberry Trapp Candle, it's a Christmas sent but it's my favorite :-) 

Wearing: Havaianas, ery day! 

Following: This fashion blogger, major closet envy 

Noticing: several fashion bloggers wearing kimonos. I think I missed the train on this trend, I just don't get it 

Knowing: I'm where I need to be, sometimes I wonder what God has in store for me but in this moment I'm right where I belong 

Thinking: about my massive "to-do" list, does it ever end? 

Bookmarking: salad recipes. This one looks amazing! 

Feeling: Blessed

*I saw this post and decided to join in! 

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