Thursday, June 19, 2014

1 Year in the Doll House

Today marks the one-year anniversary since closing on the doll house.

I felt so many things that day -scared, overwhelmed, excited, nervous, independent...

I had my work cut out for me (I still do) but I've enjoyed every minute of it.

My passion for making this place my own intensified with every project I crossed off my list & my love for the doll house grew with each season.

I thought fall was my favorite. The pumpkins & mums were so welcoming.

But then it snowed and the house turned into a winter wonderland.

However, spring afternoons on the back patio are pretty hard to beat... I'll just say that they're all my favorite.

Even on a rainy day like today, it never loses it's charm.

One of my favorite things about the doll house are these two trees in the front.

They're covered with vines and their leaves glisten in the most magical way after it rains...

Oh! and the house next door?'s had a pretty good year too.

Here's to another fabulous year in the doll house!

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