Thursday, May 29, 2014

Awkward and Awesome!

-I’ve been eating a packed lunch at my desk every day this week due to dentist appointments, errands and other small things that get in the way of me actually eating on my lunch break. The other day I decided to toss in a pickle. When I opened my lunch the smell of pickles took me back to elementary school when my dad would pack my lunch. He always packed a sandwich, chips, a piece of candy and in a small Ziploc baggie, a few baby dill pickles. The pickles were always my favorite part, a salty treat to balance the sweet candy. Oh how I loved it when he’d pack my lunch.

-Just a few more sleeps until my summer vacation! I can’t wait! 

-On Memorial Day the electricity went out for a few hours late in the afternoon. I took the most glorious nap. It was exactly what I needed after a couple of days filled with yard work.

-My oven went out last weekend (not awesome). However, I bought a home warranty plan last June when I bought my house! Yay! The oven is covered under the warranty plan (which is set to expire in July). Talk about perfect timing!

-Snap chatting with my sister. She always sends me the best snaps. –or is it chats? What’s the correct lingo? Please advise.

-I recently discovered Humans of New York. It’s now my life’s mission to be featured. *Quick question- do you have to be a New Yorker? Do you think I could pass as a “local?”

Do people still take fun photos at the apple store?

-Pulling up to my house and making eye contact with my neighbor’s “tween-aged" boy as he pees on the side of their house, gag.

- I’m a slow jogger but for some reason I feel the need to sprint past the “walkers” at the park (no I’m not referring to zombies, anyone else watch Walking Dead?) I feel very self-conscious when I pass people on the sidewalk. “Are they looking at my derriere giggle?” “They know I’m not a real runner, maybe if I run faster they won’t see me?” “Why on earth did I think it was OK to wear spandex in public? Anyway, after I sprint past them (usually it happens right as we’re approaching a hill) I get really winded and feel this consuming urge to start walking because, I don’t know…I CAN’T BREATHE from the quick sprint, but if I walk they will catch up to me…

-Seeing people you know at the park while you’re trying to jog. Do you stop and say hi? –I’m doing the couch to 5k app and there’s nothing I hate worse than having to stop mid-jog. I have this self-imposed rule that if I don’t finish the “day” without cheating or interrupting the app, then I have to repeat the “day” tomorrow. So, if I stop and talk to my acquaintance at the park, I will have to repeat the run tomorrow and it will ruin my plan to have the couch to 5k app completed before my vacation. Which will surely cause me to gain 10 pounds, which will confine me to a swimsuit cover-up and quite possibly ruin my trip. So allow me to take this opportunity to apologize, if I don’t stop and say hi to you at the park it’s nothing personal, I’m just trying to lose 10 pounds by tomorrow. Glad we cleared that up.

-No makeup Sunday, another self-imposed rule. I’m trying to go one day a week without makeup. It always lands on the day I need to do my grocery shopping. And I always see someone I know. My baseball hat can only disguise me so much. Oh the joys of living in a small town. There’s no such thing as going somewhere unnoticed.

-Sneezing right after you put on your mascara. Not Ideal. 

-Lying in the living room, taking that glorious nap (mentioned above) -sans pants and bra, when the doorbell rings. The neighbors came over to see if I had power. Did I mention that my door is surrounded by open windows that peer straight into the living room? Click here for reference. 

Have any awkward or awesome stories? I'd love to hear 'em! 

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