Thursday, April 17, 2014

The house next door

I mentioned a month or so ago that the house next door was getting remodeled. They've completely gutted the interior and I am amazed at their progress!

I planned on waiting until it was completely finished before sharing the pictures with you, however, yesterday they painted the exterior and it is so pretty...I just couldn't resist!

Here is the before:

Scary shrubs are gone!

Remember that really cool door?

Goodbye windows!

Goodbye door!

Getting ready for the new door!

...and the front porch is looking a little different too!

New windows & a new front door!

Ahhhh, fresh paint. Darling pale yellow with white trim!

They still have a long way to go, but it's really coming together. Our little street is so happy now!

I really do feel as though I'm living next door to rehab addict!

Just for fun, let's look back at the before:

and the after:

Sooo much better! Not near as scary!

Maybe I can sweet talk the owner into letting me take a few pictures inside once it's all finished...stay tuned!

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