Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Right Now

Making: dinner every night
Cooking: some kind of chicken or lean meat with healthy sides -made with fresh ingredients
Drinking: water or coke zero
Reading: Jane Austen- Emma
Wanting: more sleep
Looking: at white and navy duvet covers for the guest room (please advise)
Playing: with my apple TV, I'm finally ready to cut the cord!
Wasting: time on Pinterest
Wishing: my yard would groom itself
Enjoying: time with family
Waiting: for the storm season to pass. I hate tornadoes
Liking: fresh strawberries sprinkled with sugar
Wondering: what’s wrong with my hot tub
Loving: jogging at the park
Hoping: to lose a bit more weight before my summer vacation
Needing: more time with friends
Smelling: rain
Wearing: tank tops, eryday!
Following: so many amazing bloggers (like this one and these guys). They inspire me
Noticing: everyone is having babies!
Knowing: the Lord has a plan for me
Bookmarking: healthy recipes
Opening: graduation announcements in the mail. It’s such an exciting time
Thinking: about my summer vacation, I can’t wait!
Feeling: content

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