Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Kate Spade Pillow

A little more than a year ago, I pinned the most adorable Kate Spade pillow to my guest room board on Pinterest.

Pinned here

I loved everything about it. The sophistication of navy and white with the playful message. It was the beginning of my love affair with all things Kate Spade and I was swooning.

However, I couldn't justify the $40 price tag, especially considering I didn't have a place for it in my little apartment. So I pinned it for inspiration and moved on.

When I bought the doll house, I decided that I wanted to start from scratch with my guest room. I wasn't sure about the color palate but I knew I wanted to do all white bedding.

There's something to be said about sleeping in a bed with all white linens. It's fresh and clean, with hint of luxury.

A few months ago I stumbled upon this photo.

Pinned here

I knew instantly that this would be my inspiration room. It has everything I'm looking for. I love the navy and white together. I love the gold accents. I love the antique beds. It's preppy and a bit nautical. It's luxurious...and it reminded me of the darling Kate Spade pillow.

Fast forward to last weekend.

My mom and step-dad came to town for a little day trip. While my step-dad was fixing things around the doll house, I took my mom to a local store called Walls.

Walls buy merchandise from name brand companies that are experiencing bankruptcies, store closings due to fire or natural disasters, factory over production, etc. and they sell it at 40% to 70% off retail prices.

When you go to Walls it is a little overwhelming. It's not organized and it's a little dirty. However, I have found some amazing deals!

Last weekend, Walls had just gotten a shipment from Bed Bath & Beyond.

I found all kinds of good stuff. I got a new set of Oneida flatware (click here to see the set I took home, I feel like such a grown up! Goodbye cheapo college silverware!)

My mom picked out a quilt for their lake house and I was browsing the pillows to see if I could find any that match her bedding...and that's when I saw it. The Kate Spade Pillow.

The pillow I pinned over a year ago!

I snatched that thing up like it was Black Friday at Target. I screamed and danced right there in the middle of the store. The people around me must have thought I was crazy!

I think I paid $15 after tax.

I still can't believe my luck!

Of course, now I am obsessing over the guest room. I'm ready to give that pillow a home!

I have the antique bed and I plan on doing a navy version of this Ikea hack nightstand.

Other than that, I have no plans!

So I'm spending a lot of time on pinterest. :-)

Have any of you ever experienced divine intervention of the retail gods?

or walked up to the check out line to find out your item is marked down lower than you thought?

It's the next best thing to winning the lottery, if you ask me.

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