Monday, March 10, 2014

Sisters, Sisters.

My baby sister came to stay with me last weekend.

I always love it when Mikayla comes for a visit because we have so much fun doing sister things together.

We eat things sisters eat, which in our case is:

meatball subs
Girl Scout cookies  -thank goodness they aren't accessible year-round!
turkey bacon
cherry coke floats
vanilla lattes
Sonic Wacky Packs
Frito chili pie
blueberry muffins
more turkey bacon
Bedre Chocolate

We do things sisters do, which includes (but is not limited to):

late night movies
singing along to West Side Story
sleeping in
visiting the Pink Pistol...knocking over a giant rack of clothing at the Pink thanks that Miranda Lambert wasn't there to witness my clumsiness.
leaving our signature at the Pink Pistol
vintage-thrift-antique store shopping in Ardmore
listening to the Great Gatsby soundtrack
watching "Friends"
laughing until we cry

We talk about things sisters talk about, which in our case is:

our vacation -we're going on a cruise this summer!
our next weekend together -she's coming back in two weeks!

I love having a sister.

I love the way we laugh at each other.

I love that we don't wear masks around each other, we are real and honest. In our truest form.

I love that we both felt terrible about not being able to stay awake during 10:25 showing of  "Son of God."

We had good intentions when we planned to see the late show, however, an hour into the film (it was close to 11:30 p.m.) our eyes lids got heavy. The yawns were contagious.

But we were determined to stay awake!

The idea of falling asleep, or worse- walking out on Jesus, was despicable!

We made it to the end of the movie (which was amazing! I encourage all of you to go see it!) and giggled the entire way to the car over the fact that we both sat there for two hours fighting off sleep in the name of Jesus!

I love our unspoken language. It looks something like this:

Walking into walmart to get healthy food. As we pass by the Girl Scouts selling cookies out front, our eyes dart to one another. No words were spoken. We just knew: Leaving walmart without a box of samoas wasn't an option.

When our weekend was over, I begged her to stay.

When that didn't work, I told her that we could enroll her into Ada High School.

When that didn't work, I stole her favorite brown boots and held them hostage until she agreed to stay.

When that didn't work, I barricaded myself in the doorway.

When that didn't work, I begged her to stay again.

I'll stop now.

I just really didn't want her to leave.

On a completely unrelated note, check out this table runner I got on our road trip!

Have I ever told you how much I love stripes?

Well I love them. Almost as much as I love my sister.... sisters, there were never such devoted sisters, never had to have a chaperone, no sir. I'm there to keep my eye on her. Caring, sharing...every little thing that we are wearing... -name that movie!

Happy Monday!

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