Monday, February 10, 2014

Hello Monday

I spent my weekend close to home. I had to work. But it didn't really feel like work because I love it so much. Does that make any sense?

I love my job because I get to do fun things, like cover a Valentine's celebration.

Hello Valentine cookie with adorable X & O sprinkles.
Oh how I loved decorating you.
Of course, I enjoyed eating you too
...but don't tell anyone because I'm supposed to be eating healthy.

Hello sweet card workshop.
There's something very innocent about playing with stickers.
It makes me feel like a kid again.
If only I had a shoe box to decorate and classmates to exchange Valentine's with.

Hello picturesque view.
You are the perfect lunch companion.

Hello greeting cards.
I enjoyed the walk down memory lane.
Who knew organizing could be so much fun? .
I'm not sure what to do with you but you will always be treasured.
Snail mail is a rare thing these days.

Hello colorful snack.
Straight from the can, you are a delicious treat.
 Hello Lemon & Rosemary.
The perfect pair.
I don't think I'll ever get my fill of you.

Hello morning cuddles, an extra two hours in my fuzzy socks due to slick roads. 
Hello Monday.
Hello watching Downton with friends.
Hello to the not fun but necessary trip to the Dentist.
Hello Valentine's Day! I will eat chocolate (It is an annual tradition, after all!)
Hello three-day weekend with no plans. What shall I do?
I'm linking up with Lisa Leonard for Hello Monday.

 What are you saying hello to this week?

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