Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hair Trend: the middle part.

Like most women, I tend get a little restless with my hair.

Aside from a handful of short lived experiments, I've had the same look since my freshman year of high school (i.e. super long, thick, black hair).

The look is stale and I'm getting the itch to change it.


I don't color my hair.

I'm not brave enough to have short hair. (I swear I have PTSD from the bob my mother gave me in 3rd grade).

So taking on new styles or freshening up my look can be a real challenge.

-enter hair trend that requires no permanent commitments-

Is it me, or has the "middle part" made a comeback?

I see it everywhere!

Messy middle part.

Pinned here

A very glamorous half-up.

Pinned here

My favorite style: big beautiful curls. 

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I don't remember the source, I saved it to my computer as an inspiration photo months ago.

It's lovey with layers.

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Gorgeous when teased.

Pinned here

I am *in love* I tell you!

Have any of you made the switch? Any tips on training your hair to embrace the new part?

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