Thursday, February 6, 2014

Gizmo Dog.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed this little guy popping up for a week or so back in mid-December.

I don’t know why I never shared his story…

But a few days ago, I received an email from my grandfather (affectionately known as “Poppa”) asking me to write about my time with Gizmo. See…Poppa’s in a creative writing class and he’s decided to write about Gizmo!

Side note, Poppa has written several beautiful stories about his past and I’d love to share them on here. His memories are so special to me and I could read his stories all day. If you have grandparents, please ask them to tell you stories! You couldn’t believe the things I’ve learned about my Poppa…When I look at him I see a little boy who won a Red Ryder BB gun at the local drug store, a teenager who spent the summer road-tripping around the USA, doing odd and end jobs to pay his way…a man who grew up in a different time. A time I will never know…but will admire and cherish. I love him so!

Sorry for that detour…let’s talk about Gizmo.

Shortly after Thanksgiving, I received a text message from my friend Tara asking if I knew of anyone who would be willing to take in her little shih tzu.

Tara and her husband were moving out of state and weren’t able to take him. They were moving into a rent house that didn’t allow pets.

Immediately, I thought of Poppa and Mary Ann. Their dog, Dudley, passed away not too long ago and they were looking for a new dog.

After exchanging several emails, answering so many questions (both from Tara and Poppa!), Gizmo had a new home.

A week before Christmas, Gizmo came to stay with his Aunt Brittney (technically, Gizmo would be my “Uncle” considering he is my grandparent’s baby… but I don’t like calling the dog my uncle so I will refer to myself as his aunt. Glad we cleared that up.)

The day I picked up Gizmo was so heart wrenching. Not only was Tara moving out of a town she had lived in her whole life, away from her family, she was saying goodbye to her precious dog.

I walked into Tara’s house, cluttered with moving boxes, to find Gizmo following his momma around. So happy, not knowing why I was there.

Tara was so upset…to her I must have been the grim reaper, coming to collect her baby. We both sat in the kitchen and cried. It was an emotional night for both of us.

When Gizmo got to my house he walked straight into the living room and pooped on the floor! “This is going to be a long week…” I thought to myself.

I gave gizmo a treat and a blanket, and tucked him into bed (his pen).

I was very cautious the first few days of Gizmo’s stay, worried that he would have another accident.

I tried (and failed) to get him to go outside with a leash. He refused to walk with it on, lying on the pavement as I tugged the leash. Looking at me like I'd just stabbed him in the back.  

Then something happened, I began to see Gizmo’s sweet nature. I loved cuddling on the couch, his little body resting on my lap... I couldn’t take enough pictures of his puppy dog eyes. He was truly the most loving animal I’d ever been around.

Christmas Eve, Gizmo’s last day with me, was so hard. I had to drive him to Ardmore to drop him off with some family friends that were transporting him to my grandparent’s home in Galveston.

I cried the entire way.


I rang the doorbell and the first thing I heard were dogs barking, “Great.”

Mrs. M answered the door. She didn’t seem too thrilled to take Gizmo. She was worried about how he’d get along with her other dogs, worried that Gizmo wouldn’t eat on their schedule, worried he’d have an accident.
I was overcome with regret. I was angry with my Poppa for not driving to Oklahoma to get him. Angry with myself for falling in love with him.

Mr. M joined us in the living room and instantly connected with Gizmo. Clearly, this arrangement was made between he and my grandfather…without his wife’s consent.

In the meantime, their dogs were barking and making growling noses towards Gizmo.

I stood there, in their beautiful home, contemplating whether or not to take Gizmo back home with me.

“I will never find another dog this sweet! He is already potty trained! He loves me! These people won’t love him like I will!”

Mrs. M suggested we go outside and see if Gizmo will potty. As soon as we put Gizmo on the ground, he ran behind my legs. Clearly frightened “Be still my heart!”

-Is this what you mommy’s feel like when you send your babies to school for the first time? How do you do it? I’m not cut out for this! My kids are never going to school!

The next thought through my mind was of my beloved Poppa and his excitement over this little dog. He was over the moon, how could I keep him for myself?

I kissed Gizmo goodbye and practically sprinted out of the house, a lump forming in my throat. Before I could make it to my car, tears were running down my cheeks.

I shut the door and lost it.

I called my dad, I’m sure he was alarmed when I answered the phone sobbing.

The next 24 hours were spent talking myself out of driving back to Ardmore.

The M’s ended up adoring Gizmo. They only had him for a day or two but they fell in love. I think they even let Gizmo sleep in the bed with them!

A surprising twist, Gizmo fell in love with their little Maltese. I was told that he followed her around everywhere!

It’s been a little more than a month and I think Gizmo is happy in his new home.

Of course, he is spoiled rotten! Here is an email I received from my Poppa:

“He is such gem and we have both fallen so in love…Since he has been here we have done the following:  Learned to walk on the leash, had a complete check-up at the vet, been to Doggie Detailers for a bath and hygiene clean-up, he has accompanied us on a walk at the beach 3 times, made numerous outings about Galveston to do errands and last but not least, has taken over our bed, but still lets us sleep with him at night.  His appetite is back and he loves the many new toys his Mom cannot resist bringing home from Pet Smart.”

So that is the story of Gizmo.
-The End-

Tara, you have raised the most wonderful dog. He has been a blessing to everyone that crosses paths with him.

While we’re on the topic of dogs, Kosmo has a birthday coming up!

He will be 13! Mom and I are planning a birthday party…so if you follow me on Pinterest, you will have to excuse my Puppy Pawty pins! –see what I did there?

*Note, Kosmo doesn't usually get birthday parties but when we saw this idea, we couldn't resist! 
If you’ve made it to the end, you are my favorite follower. :-)
Have a wonderful day!


  1. I loved hearing about Gizmo's journey. We met Gizmo a week or so after he settled with Poppa and Mary Ann and agree; he is the sweetest dog! Love you Brittney!!

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