Thursday, February 27, 2014

High Five for Friday!

Another week gone by and it's starting to really feel like spring! Tomorrow is March and I have to be honest, I'm all to eager to wish grey and dreary February farewell!

Here is my top five:

1. Good hair days should be celebrated (because the are an abnormality around my parts). The messy look is nearly impossible for me to accomplish so when it happens, it has to be documented.

2. When I saw this picture, I knew I had to recreate it in my dining room! I went to a local antique store (and stumbled upon an unexpected going out of business sale) and got a handful of plates for only $13 bucks!

3. While looking for plates, I found this gem. It is just beautiful. The lime green is so shiny and perfect for a kitchen. I'm picturing apothecary jars filled with limes! If only I had room for it in the doll house.

4. Sometimes all a girl needs is a night out in her favorite shoes.  Italian dinner, girlfriends and wine, the perfect combination.

5. After reading this article, I am obsessed. OBSESSED, I tell you! It's a lovely story about a mother and her 4-year-old daughter who make paper dresses together everyday. She post the pictures of her dresses on instagram and I can't stop looking at them. They are beautiful and fun and creative and fashionable and innocent and just precious.

Images from Huff

Is it strange that I want the red paper dress in my size?

Grownups can make paper dresses too! right?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I am.

I am drinking coffee. Lots of it. The Keurig has been life changing my friends.

I am watching House of Cards.

I am expecting a package from my favorite party supply store. This weekend I’m co-hosting a baby shower for my very best friend. I ordered the cutest paper straws and gift bags. I can’t wait.

I am eating healthy. It’s been about a month and I’m still going strong!

I am making a pork loin for dinner. Walmart has them pre-seasoned. I’m told they’re amazing. We shall see.

I am officially the nosy neighbor. The house next door to mine is being gutted & remodeled. I take pictures of it every day.

I am mourning the season finale of Downton Abbey. What will I do without it? How long until the next season? What will happen to Edith’s baby?
I am anticipating the Oscars. Idina Menzel is performing. She is my favorite. So is Frozen. Is it weird that I want to have a Frozen themed party? This one has me swooning.
I am loving my new apple T.V. It has also been life changing. More on that in another post :-)

I am obsessing over all things antique right now -I can't explain it. One minute I'm loving clean & polished pottery barn...the next I'm loving used and abused vintage.
Anyway, I have the hankering to take a road trip- picker style. Anyone have any great locations for antiques and/or architectural salvages?
Don't you think a girls weekend filled with antiquing, diners & a cozy B&B would be so much fun?
Who's with me?!!

Friday, February 21, 2014


Something so old, so tattered.
An eyesore on our street.
Weathered with age, naturally distressed.
Although it isn’t perfect, shiny or new, it has a hidden beauty.
Untold stories of people passing through.
I wish these doors could talk, tell me about the past.
A time long forgotten, in a world that moves so fast.
For now they stand in silence, an outcast no one wants.
Hidden beneath decay, rotting wood that seems to haunt.
Something so old, so tattered.
An eyesore on our street.
A testament of time.
I think they’re pretty neat.  

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hair Trend: the middle part.

Like most women, I tend get a little restless with my hair.

Aside from a handful of short lived experiments, I've had the same look since my freshman year of high school (i.e. super long, thick, black hair).

The look is stale and I'm getting the itch to change it.


I don't color my hair.

I'm not brave enough to have short hair. (I swear I have PTSD from the bob my mother gave me in 3rd grade).

So taking on new styles or freshening up my look can be a real challenge.

-enter hair trend that requires no permanent commitments-

Is it me, or has the "middle part" made a comeback?

I see it everywhere!

Messy middle part.

Pinned here

A very glamorous half-up.

Pinned here

My favorite style: big beautiful curls. 

Pinned here

I don't remember the source, I saved it to my computer as an inspiration photo months ago.

It's lovey with layers.

Pinned here

Gorgeous when teased.

Pinned here

I am *in love* I tell you!

Have any of you made the switch? Any tips on training your hair to embrace the new part?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Endless Love, my thoughts.

I experienced something so foreign. Something that made me realize I'm not an 18 year old anymore. I'm getting older. It's a feeling that occurs more frequently than I'd like to admit.

I went to see a "Nicholas-Sparks-type-movie" called "Endless Love." A movie about two high school seniors spending a summer falling in love. And instead of being swept away by their romance, I was appalled. Siding with the parents. The PARENTS! When did I become that person??

Here is a quick run down of what happened:

*includes SPOILERS!*

Image Source

In the movie they sleep together (in her parents living room, by a lit fireplace of course) after knowing each other for a little more than 24 hours.

The next day she decided to drop out of her summer internship program, in order to spend more time with the boy.

They take bubble baths together...

A few days later, the girl invites the boy to her parents lake house to join in their family vacation, without her parent's permission.

Later, they decided to get high and break into a zoo which results in her boyfriend getting arrested...of course, he is innocent and her parent's shouldn't blame him for their daughter's involvement (sarcasm).

Big fight between dad and boyfriend, daughter ignores dad and chooses boyfriend.

-the end-

I know it's just a movie, and it's not to be taken seriously, but is anyone else concerned with the message it sends to teenage girls?

Is it okay for a 17 year old to sleep with a guy she's known for less than 24 hours?

Is it okay to defy your parents?

Is it okay to invite your high school  boyfriend over to take bubble baths?


But young girls will see this. They will be romanced. They will think it is the perfect summer.

"If only that would happen to me!"

"If only I could find a teenage boy who talks about how all he wants out of life is to be in love!"

"My parents are sooo wrong for wanting me to have an internship that will help me get into med school! Don't they know how important it is for me to spend my summer taking hot bubble baths with my new boyfriend?"

The truth the real world

(the world you haven't met yet)

The world of bills and jobs and heartbreak and struggle.

(not the struggle to be popular or have someone to sit with at lunch- which can be hard. And real. I'm not saying your struggles aren't real)

I'm talking about the struggle to live on a budget.

The struggle to balance 18 hours of college courses.

The struggle to find a job.

The struggle live a healthy lifestyle- beacuse your body doesn't work the same way it did at 17.

In the real world, the people you will count on,

the people you'll consider your closest friends...

they're your parents.

You will want to spend time with them because they're actually a lot of fun to be around.

They were right about the boy you insisted was the one. He will break your heart.

They will pick you up when you're down.

They are your biggest fans.

They know more about love than you do.

Their love for you is bigger than any love you've ever felt.

They know about the real world.

They know how hard it will be and they want you to be ready.

Please don't waste your entire teenage years hating them.

Don't spend too much time crying over the boy who broke your heart.

Ask for help when you need it.

Make smart choices, you know when you're faced with one. Doing the right thing is hard but it will pay off.

Have faith.  

Be the best you can be.

Respect yourself.

You are beautiful.

You are smart.

Please don't compare your life to a movie...

...Because movies aren't real.

Friday, February 14, 2014

High Five for Friday

Happy Valentine's Day!

Also, I'd like to point out that a month from this weekend is Spring Break! Wooo hoo! (I don't really get a spring break but yay for warmer weather and Saint Patrick's Day!)

We are linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday!

1. This suggested post came across my Facebook feed a few days ago.

At the time, there were 59 comments...all from Orr's! Facebook is so strange sometimes...

2. Another post from my Facebook feed:

Our first west elm in Oklahoma and I am soooo excited! (tosses confetti) Finally! We're movin on up! Now if we could just get an Ikea...

*side note: if you're in the Tulsa area, I got an email saying Pier1 has marked down their entire store!

3. I've been trying really hard to cut down on some of my expenses.  Owning my own home has changed my outlook on spending and saving. Before, I didn't put much thought into it. If Kate Spade was having a flash sale, I would be first in line at the check out! (this week there was a 75% off flash sale and I didn't get a single thing...hold me!)

Now, I am constantly asking myself  "if something major happened, would I be okay?" As a result, I've taken a close look at my monthly expenses. I decided to cancel my gym membership (hold me!). I have a free gym through my job and although the classes aren't the same and my friends aren't there, it's free! So this week I went to their step class. I loved it! Here's to trying new things!

4. I survived the Dentist!

5. I saw this on Pinterest and it made me laugh.

Here are a few of my favorite Valentine's Day reads:

-The sweetest love story from Thistlewood Farms (check out her house tour, gorgeous!)
-Valentine Party at Pencil Shavings Studio
-Mommy/Son Date night at Pink Pistachio

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The one where Brittney goes to the dentist.

The Pioneer Woman says that mothers of teenage children are not allowed to take selfies unless their faces are obstructed.

I'm not a mother of teenage children (well, technically I'm not a "mother" of anyone, although sometimes I like to mother my baby brother and sister...) but I agree with P-dub. It's not a selfie unless your entire face is visible.

So this picture below, is not a selfie.

This is just a picture of my sparkly pearly whites!

A few week's ago I went to the dentist for my annual cleaning. An annual cleaning that hasn't happened since 2009.

I was soo scared! Scared of the floss (it takes DAYS for my gums to recover!)

I was scared that they would find out I have TMJ and tell me I needed to have the surgery where they break your jaw and put it back together (does that really happen? It sounds sooo barbaric! I hope it's a myth).

I was scared that the dentist wouldn't be as handsome as my last dentist. *I should point out that the ONLY reason I went to the dentist in 2009 was because he was really good looking. I had a huge crush on him. However, I came to my senses when the hygienist came at me with some floss and never went back.

Of course, they found two cavities and today I got two fillings.

You guys, I had so much anxiety over these fillings! I couldn't eat anything. I had sweaty palms.

What if they numb my mouth? (I'm pretty sure that was a guarantee but I still was nervous about it)

What if I loose feeling in my tongue and I can't control it? What if I swallow my tongue during the procedure -because it's numb and I cant control it!?

What if I never get feeling back in my mouth!?

What if they give me the laughing gas and it makes me sick?

What if he forgets to give me white fillings and I end up looking like Lil Wayne?

Serious question- how important are these "fillings?" ...I mean, what would happen if I called in sick?

I'm happy to report that I did *indeed* show up for my appointment and it wasn't that bad.

I got to watch the Today Show on a t.v. mounted to the ceiling.

I got to hear a lovely story about the dentist's recent ski trip to colorado.

The best part: no one flossed my teeth! Wooo hooo!

All that stress over nothing.

I never lost control over my tongue and my mouth has regained feeling.

All is well in the world.

Have any of you experienced anxiety over the dentist? Why are they so scary?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Hello Monday

I spent my weekend close to home. I had to work. But it didn't really feel like work because I love it so much. Does that make any sense?

I love my job because I get to do fun things, like cover a Valentine's celebration.

Hello Valentine cookie with adorable X & O sprinkles.
Oh how I loved decorating you.
Of course, I enjoyed eating you too
...but don't tell anyone because I'm supposed to be eating healthy.

Hello sweet card workshop.
There's something very innocent about playing with stickers.
It makes me feel like a kid again.
If only I had a shoe box to decorate and classmates to exchange Valentine's with.

Hello picturesque view.
You are the perfect lunch companion.

Hello greeting cards.
I enjoyed the walk down memory lane.
Who knew organizing could be so much fun? .
I'm not sure what to do with you but you will always be treasured.
Snail mail is a rare thing these days.

Hello colorful snack.
Straight from the can, you are a delicious treat.
 Hello Lemon & Rosemary.
The perfect pair.
I don't think I'll ever get my fill of you.

Hello morning cuddles, an extra two hours in my fuzzy socks due to slick roads. 
Hello Monday.
Hello watching Downton with friends.
Hello to the not fun but necessary trip to the Dentist.
Hello Valentine's Day! I will eat chocolate (It is an annual tradition, after all!)
Hello three-day weekend with no plans. What shall I do?
I'm linking up with Lisa Leonard for Hello Monday.

 What are you saying hello to this week?

Friday, February 7, 2014

High Five for Friday!

Linking up with Lauren for another #H54F!

1. I can't help it, I love snow. It makes everything so beautiful.

It's been snowing off and on all week and at first I was thrilled! But now it's starting to get a little old. Did you know that when it snows and the roads are terrible, grownups still have to go to work? It's an abomination, I tell you! Enjoy those snow days kids, because one day...when you grow up...they will disappear!

2. This might not seem like a big deal to most of you, but I blogged every day this week! That hasn't happened in a LONG time! It feels so good to be back in the swing of things. Let's see if I can keep it up another week!

*Side note* Wow! I can't even begin to express my gratitude for all the kind words about my bathroom project. I feel so supported! So loved! You guys are the best!

3. Yesterday (over on Instagram) I journaled about the truth behind long hair. Products are so important to someone with as much hair as me. So imagine my delight when I ran out of my conditioner, conditioner that can only be purchased online...I was forced to use one of the samples I had stashed away from an old Birchbox.

insert Kerastase leave in conditioner

You guys! This stuff is awesome! If you have crazy-tangly hair, you have got to try it! I'm not kidding! It made my hair so silky and easy to brush through. LURVE.

4. It's been a week of trying new things! Aside from my hair revelations, I've also discovered a new ingredient, ginger root. I love Asian food, it's probably my favorite. Ginger is used in several recipes I come across and I'm always a little intimidated. This week I threw caution in the wind and made the best Kung Pao Shrimp -with ginger root! Delish!

Find the recipe here!

5. It's a new month so that means a new desktop calendar! I love this one from Smashing Magazine.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Gizmo Dog.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed this little guy popping up for a week or so back in mid-December.

I don’t know why I never shared his story…

But a few days ago, I received an email from my grandfather (affectionately known as “Poppa”) asking me to write about my time with Gizmo. See…Poppa’s in a creative writing class and he’s decided to write about Gizmo!

Side note, Poppa has written several beautiful stories about his past and I’d love to share them on here. His memories are so special to me and I could read his stories all day. If you have grandparents, please ask them to tell you stories! You couldn’t believe the things I’ve learned about my Poppa…When I look at him I see a little boy who won a Red Ryder BB gun at the local drug store, a teenager who spent the summer road-tripping around the USA, doing odd and end jobs to pay his way…a man who grew up in a different time. A time I will never know…but will admire and cherish. I love him so!

Sorry for that detour…let’s talk about Gizmo.

Shortly after Thanksgiving, I received a text message from my friend Tara asking if I knew of anyone who would be willing to take in her little shih tzu.

Tara and her husband were moving out of state and weren’t able to take him. They were moving into a rent house that didn’t allow pets.

Immediately, I thought of Poppa and Mary Ann. Their dog, Dudley, passed away not too long ago and they were looking for a new dog.

After exchanging several emails, answering so many questions (both from Tara and Poppa!), Gizmo had a new home.

A week before Christmas, Gizmo came to stay with his Aunt Brittney (technically, Gizmo would be my “Uncle” considering he is my grandparent’s baby… but I don’t like calling the dog my uncle so I will refer to myself as his aunt. Glad we cleared that up.)

The day I picked up Gizmo was so heart wrenching. Not only was Tara moving out of a town she had lived in her whole life, away from her family, she was saying goodbye to her precious dog.

I walked into Tara’s house, cluttered with moving boxes, to find Gizmo following his momma around. So happy, not knowing why I was there.

Tara was so upset…to her I must have been the grim reaper, coming to collect her baby. We both sat in the kitchen and cried. It was an emotional night for both of us.

When Gizmo got to my house he walked straight into the living room and pooped on the floor! “This is going to be a long week…” I thought to myself.

I gave gizmo a treat and a blanket, and tucked him into bed (his pen).

I was very cautious the first few days of Gizmo’s stay, worried that he would have another accident.

I tried (and failed) to get him to go outside with a leash. He refused to walk with it on, lying on the pavement as I tugged the leash. Looking at me like I'd just stabbed him in the back.  

Then something happened, I began to see Gizmo’s sweet nature. I loved cuddling on the couch, his little body resting on my lap... I couldn’t take enough pictures of his puppy dog eyes. He was truly the most loving animal I’d ever been around.

Christmas Eve, Gizmo’s last day with me, was so hard. I had to drive him to Ardmore to drop him off with some family friends that were transporting him to my grandparent’s home in Galveston.

I cried the entire way.


I rang the doorbell and the first thing I heard were dogs barking, “Great.”

Mrs. M answered the door. She didn’t seem too thrilled to take Gizmo. She was worried about how he’d get along with her other dogs, worried that Gizmo wouldn’t eat on their schedule, worried he’d have an accident.
I was overcome with regret. I was angry with my Poppa for not driving to Oklahoma to get him. Angry with myself for falling in love with him.

Mr. M joined us in the living room and instantly connected with Gizmo. Clearly, this arrangement was made between he and my grandfather…without his wife’s consent.

In the meantime, their dogs were barking and making growling noses towards Gizmo.

I stood there, in their beautiful home, contemplating whether or not to take Gizmo back home with me.

“I will never find another dog this sweet! He is already potty trained! He loves me! These people won’t love him like I will!”

Mrs. M suggested we go outside and see if Gizmo will potty. As soon as we put Gizmo on the ground, he ran behind my legs. Clearly frightened “Be still my heart!”

-Is this what you mommy’s feel like when you send your babies to school for the first time? How do you do it? I’m not cut out for this! My kids are never going to school!

The next thought through my mind was of my beloved Poppa and his excitement over this little dog. He was over the moon, how could I keep him for myself?

I kissed Gizmo goodbye and practically sprinted out of the house, a lump forming in my throat. Before I could make it to my car, tears were running down my cheeks.

I shut the door and lost it.

I called my dad, I’m sure he was alarmed when I answered the phone sobbing.

The next 24 hours were spent talking myself out of driving back to Ardmore.

The M’s ended up adoring Gizmo. They only had him for a day or two but they fell in love. I think they even let Gizmo sleep in the bed with them!

A surprising twist, Gizmo fell in love with their little Maltese. I was told that he followed her around everywhere!

It’s been a little more than a month and I think Gizmo is happy in his new home.

Of course, he is spoiled rotten! Here is an email I received from my Poppa:

“He is such gem and we have both fallen so in love…Since he has been here we have done the following:  Learned to walk on the leash, had a complete check-up at the vet, been to Doggie Detailers for a bath and hygiene clean-up, he has accompanied us on a walk at the beach 3 times, made numerous outings about Galveston to do errands and last but not least, has taken over our bed, but still lets us sleep with him at night.  His appetite is back and he loves the many new toys his Mom cannot resist bringing home from Pet Smart.”

So that is the story of Gizmo.
-The End-

Tara, you have raised the most wonderful dog. He has been a blessing to everyone that crosses paths with him.

While we’re on the topic of dogs, Kosmo has a birthday coming up!

He will be 13! Mom and I are planning a birthday party…so if you follow me on Pinterest, you will have to excuse my Puppy Pawty pins! –see what I did there?

*Note, Kosmo doesn't usually get birthday parties but when we saw this idea, we couldn't resist! 
If you’ve made it to the end, you are my favorite follower. :-)
Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Doll House Update!

After I shot the pictures for yesterday's bathroom reveal, I came across a few more things I hadn't mentioned on the blog.

First, lets look at my bedroom.

This is what it looked like the day after closing (obviously, we were getting ready to paint!):

This is what it looks like now:

So much brighter!

Most of you have probably seen pictures of my bedroom on Instagram, however, I don't think I've posted anything about my new chair.

I got it for Christmas (thanks Dad and Sherry!!) and it has been the perfect addition to my room!

Inspired by this chair from Pottery Barn, my chair (almost identical) is from Pier1.

Moving on to the living room!

Last fall, I splurged on the Griffin coffee table from Pottery Barn. It's been several months and I still love it! I love how industrial and sleek it looks, while maintaining a rustic flare.

While we're at the couch...let's talk about my throw pillows.

Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love throw pillows. Seriously... It's a problem. I have 6 pillows on my bed!  (not including the pillows I actually sleep on).

Because my couch is so dark, I wanted to use pillows that would lighten up the room. All of the pillow covers are Pottery Barn. I got the jute covers last summer (on sale for only $15).

I picked up the lumbar pillow cover and the blue cover after Christmas.

*tip: use old pillows as fillers for pillow covers! Remember my christmas pillow? or how about my old throw pillows? yep! Those are under the new covers!

The breakfast nook is about to get a big makeover!

I bought the cafe curtains on sale at Pottery Barn a few weeks ago for $14 a panel.

The hardware came with the house! (I put it in the contract for the previous owners to leave them!)

Here's what the space looks like now:

I'm planning on putting in banquette seating, something like this or this. What did we do before pinterest?

It's a work in progress, but I love it!

Do any of you have any fun projects you're working on around the house?

Monday, February 3, 2014

Bathroom Reveal!

This bathroom has been the biggest challenge!

(If you are a contractor, or someone who is "handy" in any way, you will laugh because it's really not that big of a job. I just don't have any DIY skills and I'm such a newbie... so small things like painting trim and mudding dry wall are very intimidating).

Let's rewind to about 6 months ago. Remember when I gave my "before" tour of the doll house?

Well, I thought I'd refresh your memory and show you a few pictures of what this bathroom used to look like.

Ugly gray trim.

Ugly gray ceiling.

Ugly black ceiling fan (you can see a tiny glimpse of it in the photo above).

You can't tell in these photos, but the walls are covered with a texturized wallpaper (I'm kicking myself for not taking a closer picture).

However, I do have a picture of the "wallpaper take-down."

*Shudder* it was horrible!

To get the wallpaper down, I used this method.

After removing all the wallpaper, I wiped down the walls with a wet washrag (to remove any excess glue/adhesive).

Once all the wallpaper was off, I stopped....and I lived this way for months. MONTHS.

Why, you ask? Well I was sceered! I didn't know how to texture dry wall. I didn't think I could do it by myself. I asked several friends to help...a couple of them agreed and I was very happy! but life happened and they never found the time. So I was stuck.

Shortly after Thanksgiving, I volunteered to host my office Christmas party. That was just the incentive I needed to get that bathroom tackled!

I decided to texturize the walls (by hand) using a trowel. Of course, I watched several YouTube videos to prepare.

To my surprise, texturizing the drywall was the easiest step! Can you believe that? It took me a little more than an hour to do the entire bathroom!

The next step was choosing paint. I wanted a cool color, something soothing.

Because of my cream tile, I knew I would need to paint the trim a cream color to match (even though I desperately wanted it to be white, I just couldn't talk myself into painting or replacing the tile). So when I found this picture of a cream vanity and gorgeous wall color (is it blue? or gray? or turquoise?), I knew that I wanted it to be my inspiration room.


I found a color almost identical to my inspiration room at Sherwin Williams called Oyster Bay.

Check out that textured wall! Beauti-ful!

After I got the trim and walls painted, I focused on replacing the ugly black fan.
Terrible picture but I really wanted you to see how ugly that fan was!
I fell in love with the Bellora Chandelier from Pottery Barn.
Of course, the $349 price tag was a little a lot over of my budget for the bathroom!

Would you believe me if I told you that I found an identical chandelier locally for only $117?  I rushed over and grabbed it like it was Black Friday at Target!
If you are in the Tulsa area, check out Garbe's!
I decided that electrical projects were beyond my scope of work and enlisted my stepdad to help me hang it.

I couldn't be more happy with how it all turned out!

I love the wall color. LOVE it!

and the cabinets look really good with the cream tile!


I still need to decorate. I'd love to get some candles for the bathtub ledge. I'm undecided on whether or not to replace the pedestal sink with a vanity. I have no idea what to put on the walls...
But I'm not going to worry about all that right now... I want to live with it for a little while before making any additions.
It feels so fresh, much better than the awful wallpaper and gray trim!

I smile every time I walk by. I feel so accomplished. I did this! By myself! (insert Destiny's Child "Independent Women" song here!)
I'll have a few more house updates on the blog tomorrow!
I hope to see you there!