Tuesday, August 27, 2013

An Alarming Situation

A couple of weeks ago my sister spent the weekend with me at the Doll House. Friday night, the first night of her visit, I awoke to someone pounding on my front door.

It was so frightening; I had no idea who it was. Nervously, I crept into the living room. I peeked out the window and saw two police officers standing outside.  My heart raced.

I opened the door and greeted the two officers. A female officer asked to come inside and look around. Apparently, someone had broken into my next-door neighbor’s house and after my neighbor approached them, they left and ran towards my house.

The fear I felt in that moment was unlike anything I’d experienced before. My hands shook as I unlocked the door to my backyard. The officers looked in the shed and combed through the bushes. Nothing.

They told me the intruder broke through the glass on my neighbor’s back door. He walked into their living room and sat down in their recliner. The elderly woman who lives next door to me asked him what he was doing in her home. He didn’t answer. As she began to call the police, the intruder left her house.

She was okay. He didn’t steal anything. He didn’t even say a word. But the fact that someone came into her home, while she was sleeping, was enough to make me regret buying the doll house.

In my four years of living alone, I have never felt more vulnerable. I realized that he could have easily broken through the glass on my backdoor.

What would’ve I done?

How would I defend myself?

I was terrified.

Later, I found out that the incident was a misunderstanding. The intruder was intoxicated and had mistaken the house for his brother’s place. He was looking for a place to sleep and when the doors were locked, he broke in. He offered to pay for the broken window and apologized for the trouble he caused.

Although I’m relieved to hear of the outcome, I’m still scared at night. Every time someone knocks at my door, my heart skips a beat. For days after the incident (before I knew about the misunderstanding) I was scared to take a bath. I was scared to go to sleep. I kept a knife in my end table. I was obsessive about checking the locks (I still am).

After two sleepless nights, I decided that I needed an alarm system.
I called several places and eventually found a company that worked with my budget.
The alarm has brought me a great sense of security. (no pun intended! hehe!)

The yard sign alone makes me feel so much safer!

However, I’m still a little jittery.

Last night someone pulled into my driveway. They got out of their car and walked around the side of my house. I could hear two men talking. About the time I was dialing the police, they left.

I’m starting to feel ridiculous.

I jump out of my skin every time I hear a strange noise or the doorbell rings.

This fear is so new to me; it’s something I struggle with every day.

Before buying the house, I knew my independence would be tested.

I love my house and I don’t regret buying it one bit, I just hope this test ends soon!


  1. Ohhhh ... Brittney! I'm so sorry! Scary indeed. I lived by myself for about six years before I met my hubby. We've been married over 15 years and I'm still jumpy. I think it's just a way of life for women in this day and age. I'm glad you got the system. You'll feel so much better.

  2. So smart to get an alarm system - I would have done the same thing if that happened to my neighbors. Hopefully the feelings of unease will subside soon!

  3. How scary! Thank goodness it was just a drunken misunderstanding. When we lived in Los Angeles we didn't have an alarm but we got one when we moved back to OK. Kind of backwards!

  4. I lived with my daughter - alone for 20 year and I can tell you that you should never ever feel ridiculous for calling the police when someone is standing on the side of your house, parked in your driveway - they are in fact, intruders into your world. I caught you on Oklahoma Women Bloggers. Congrats on being the blogger of the month!

  5. I can't blame you if you become troubled after this incident. This is really a traumatic experience for anyone. Thankfully, it's just a misunderstanding, but you did a wise investment in getting an alarm system. It's always better to be prepared than to be sorry later. Take care always!

    Odessa Hanton @ AlarmRelay.com