Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Doll House Tour, “Before”

I feel like I’ve been holding out on you, I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago and never got around to posting them.

I had every intention of documenting the house as soon as I got the keys; however, it didn’t work out that way. Immediately after closing, we drove straight to the house and before I could get my purse out of the car, my stepdad was hammering away.

I believe these pictures were taken on “day two” of our renovation (I use the term “renovation” loosely…we just painted and knocked out a few mirrors).
Also, please excuse the mess...we have tools and clutter everywhere! I am kicking myself right now for not taking any pictures *before* we got started!

View from my front porch:

North side of the house, view of the carport:

The bricks (above) lead into the backyard:

The bricked area in the photo below was used as a fire pit by the previous owners, I'm hoping to put a storm shelter here.

See the rocks in the corner of the fence? That's a waterfall!

This is the view from my backdoor:

As you enter the house from the backyard, you walk through the utility room. The large cylinder in the photo below is a water softener. Apparently, Ada has very "hard" water, meaning it contains a lot of calcium. I'm told this will save my appliances.
Okay, brace yourself... The kitchen is a wreck. I promise it doesn't look that way today!

The area in the photo below is an extension of the kitchen, I plan on installing built in benches and using it as a breakfast nook. Something like this or this.

The kitchen opens up into the dining room:
The door in the photo above leads to the carport.
The dining room opens up into the living room:

Originally, there was a large mirror glued to the wall above the fire place. The first thing we did was tear that sucker off (easier said than done)! It left a few holes in the drywall but a little bit of spackling fixed it.

Also, there used to be mirrors glued to the actual fireplace. In the photo above you can see remnants of the heavy-duty tape (that was nearly impossible to remove).
The photo above is of my bedroom. Technically, this isn't the "master" but I loved all the windows and thought I would enjoy it more than the actual "master" bedroom.
Next to my bedroom is the main bathroom. This room needs the most work. I am still undecided on how to decorate this space. I really love a light and airy bathroom with cool colors. I am thinking about painting the grey trim white but beyond that I'm at a loss.

*the chandelier in the bathtub is a family heirloom, it belonged to my grandmother. It will go in the dining room.

 I'm not sure how a white trim will look next to the cream tile but I really don't like the grey. If you have any ideas on how to decorate around the cream tile, I'd love to hear from you!

I'm going to replace the pedestal sink with a vanity that allows more counter space (36 inches to be exact!) I love this option from Lowes.

This bedroom is considered the "master" because it has his and her closets. Also, there is a small bathroom attached. I didn't like it for my bedroom because it is sooooo dark, My bedroom has 4 windows, this room only has two.

The bathroom is really tiny and I'm not a fan of the mirror.

I love the idea of painting stripes, something similar to this. 

I think that concludes the house tour!
I know what you're thinking, I have my work cut out for me... but we have already made a lot of progress!
The front door got a quick facelift. A fresh coat of paint and an adorable door decal made a huge difference!
Here's the before:
(of course, I didn't take a picture with the door closed, smh)
Here's the after:
I can't wait to show you pictures of the house now...It doesn't even look like the same place! If you'd like frequent updates on my progress, follow me on instagram! @orrbrittney
Happy Hump Day!


  1. Oh my gosh I am in LOVE! It is so perfect! I know you are so excited! Can't wait to see more pictures!

  2. The house may look messy due to the renovation happening that time, but it still looks amazing. Now I understand why you fell in love with that house. And it was nice of them to leave the water softener. At the very least, you won't have to worry about your appliances rusting too quickly, due to the 'hard' water. Cheers!

    Verna Griffin @ Axeon