Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Doll House, an update!

Last time we spoke, the doll house had just gotten an inspection. Since then, it’s been somewhat of a nightmare.

After the inspection came the appraisal -it was easy peasy. Once the house was appraised, it was time to put on the new roof. This is where things got complicated.

I knew the house was going to need a roof before I put in an offer; this made things tricky during negotiations. Eventually, we agreed that the seller was responsible for the roof (he would pay the roofers after closing with the money he got from selling the house) …well the day the roofers were scheduled to start, the seller had a change of heart.

The seller, let’s call him Gary, decided that he didn’t want to be responsible for the new roof. He was worried that something might fall through during closing and he would be left with the bill. He told the roofers not to come and informed my realtor that the only way he would sell me the house was if I would sign a document stating that I would be responsible for the roof if something fell through during closing. Yikes! -Let me remind you that Gary is a “for sell by owner.” I bet this wouldn’t have happened if he had a realtor!

I was fit to be tied! He threatened to put the doll house back on the market if I refused to sign. I didn’t hesitate, I told him to put it back on the market. There was no way that I was going to be financially responsible for a roof on a house that I didn’t own.

Well I guess it was an empty threat because he immediately backed down. In the meantime, he’s wasted an entire day playing mind games with me.

The roofers weren’t happy, they have been extremely busy with all of the crazy storms we’ve been having. They weren’t able to come back for an entire week. Of course, this has pushed back closing.

Thank goodness they were able to squeeze us in! They started working on the roof yesterday and should be finished today!

I snapped a photo this morning on my way to work:

Our new closing date is Monday! Fingers crossed that Gary doesn’t cause me anymore grief!

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  1. It’s only right that you put your foot down on this matter. There is no way that you should shoulder the cost of some damage you didn’t inflict on the house, even if you’re about to become its new owner. Well, I hope that the newly installed roof back then are still in great shape by now. Have a nice day!

    Mathew Robinson @ Browns Roofing Company LLC