Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Safe Place

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with stress? Everything that can go wrong does. Work is a little more stressful than usual. Buying a new house is overwhelming; I’m stressed about moving, about finding a fridge that will fit in my 1920’s kitchen –a fridge that won’t break my little piggy bank. I got a speeding ticket then a couple of days later I shattered the glass on my iPhone. I have no idea of what to expect at closing…speaking of closing…it was supposed to happen yesterday but because the roofers were delayed, it has been pushed to Wednesday (tomorrow).

Last Friday I broke down. I had about all I could take. I’d been holding a lump in my throat all day that kept building and building. Late in the afternoon, my dad sent me a text message to see how I was doing. I lost all control. The lump in my throat exploded into hundreds of tears. I snuck out of my office and made my way to a hidden area outside. I called my dad and balled my eyes out.

In the past 24 years, I couldn’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve been in this place with my dad. He has been there for everything. Tears over divorce, tears over fights with my mother (whom I love dearly and couldn’t live without so please don’t be mad that I mentioned my dreadful teenage years on the internet), tears over broken hearts, tears over mean girls, tears over being homesick, and now…tears over the things I cannot control.

I am so lucky that God gave me a dad who lets me cry, a dad who makes me feel cherished, a dad who loves his children unconditionally. I know this is something rare. I know that I am lucky to have a dad like him.

I spent the weekend at home with my Dad. It was just what I needed. Today, my problems don’t seem as terrible as they did last week. We had so much fun by the pool, grilling out, sipping on one of his famous concoctions.


Dad, you are simply the best. You are my safe place. The place I go when I’m scared. The place I go to cry. The place I go to boast. The place I go to laugh. You mean so much to me…thank you for being you. I love you more than words can say. Happy Father’s Day. –Brittney

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