Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last Night, Tomorrow, This Week, Today.

This post is inspired by the Pioneer Woman.

Yesterday, I almost died at the gym. Our class was extra hard and I really thought it was going to kill me. I’m supposed to go back tonight but I’m still trying to come up with an excuse to skip out…something that doesn’t make me sound like a wuss…if you have any ideas please leave them in the comment section below. 

Last night, I got caught up on The Voice. I’m rooting for The Sawn Brother’s! I have to support my fellow Okies!

Is it just me or did Monday night seem like “country night?” I think the other teams are trying to get
some of Blake’s votes! I loved Amber Carrington’s performance, Crazy is one of my most favorite songs and she was wonderful. 

Tomorrow, we are having a pizza lunch at work. I. Love. Pizza. Also, I work with a wonderful team and it’s nice to spend time with them without having to talk about deadlines and graphics.

This week, my sister is in town. She is attending the Oklahoma Business Week camp where she is competing to earn scholarship money!

It’s time for the shameless plug: If you would like to help her chances, click here and “like” her team’s photo on Facebook.

She is the cutie in the black sweatshirt.

Today, I’m celebrating my 2 year blogging anniversary. Check out my very first post here. Honestly, I’m shocked it has been two years and I’m still doing this. When I started blogging it was a form of entertainment. I had just moved to a new town where I didn’t have any friends or family. I thought it was the perfect way to document a new chapter in my life. I absolutely love writing down my crazy stories and I am always elated when someone mentions that they read them!

I know I haven’t been blogging regularly but I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Sometimes I think about my future kiddos, I imagine them reading my stories. I want them to read about my life as a single career woman. I want them to be independent and ambitious, I want them to know that it is okay to be their own person; I want them to work hard and strive for success in everything they do. I want them to learn that it is okay to laugh at yourself.

Also, I wonder what it will be like to look back on this time in my life. When I am retired, how will it make me feel to read about my early twenties? Will my grandchildren read it?  I hope so.

I would give anything to read stories of my grandmother’s youth. I love hearing my poppa talk about his college days. Before my grandmother past, she told me about how she got my poppa to propose. I treasure those memories.

That’s what keeps me going. That’s what I think about when I’m uninspired. I know without a doubt that I will continue to jot down my stories, for they will be treasured by those not even created yet.

Thank you for all the support in the last two years! It has been so much fun for me and I am thrilled to have you here.



  1. Happy 2 years, love love love your blog!

    1. Thank you thank you! That made my day :-)

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