Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Doll House, Part 2.

The DollHouse, Part 1.

So where was I? Oh! My parents!

I’m not going to lie. After talking to my Mom, I was a little discouraged. I had just found my perfect cottage; I hadn’t stopped to think about all of the problems that might come with buying an older home.

After a little (itsy bitsy) argument, I convinced her to come see it for herself. A few days later, I was giving my Mom and Stepdad a tour of the doll house.

And who would have thought…they loved it as much as I did! They understood why I adored the house. My Mom even said “It is absolutely lovely!” “Perfect!”

But what about their original concerns you ask?

Yes the house is old. But it has been well maintained. It has central heat and air, new storm windows, and the plumbing has been updated.

Although, there is one problem: the house needs a new roof. I know-Yuck. However, once it has a new roof, it will be in good shape!

Next came the negotiating. Oh boy this was awful.

The seller was tough. He wanted his original asking price, PLUS the cost of the roof (which is going to be around 11K). Yeah, I was just sick. We went back and forth several times before coming to an agreement.

He never budged on his price until the very end. When I went to my realtor with my final offer, I told her that this was it. If he didn’t accept it I would walk away.That was so hard to do! I didn’t want to walk from my little doll house, but my pride wouldn’t let me give in to the seller. He needed to give a little bit.

I prayed really hard that God give me peace. I was convinced that it wasn’t going to work out and I just wanted peace in letting it go.

I wrote a little note, one that I still have in my purse. I asked God to take this from me. To guide me. To give me comfort in whatever happens. To lead me and protect me from a bad decision.

Later that day I got the call, the seller had accepted my offer.

Whooo! Hooo!

So in the week following that phone call, I’ve been busy communicating with my lender, choosing a home inspector and dreaming about paint colors.

It’s been an absolute whirlwind! I can’t believe I’m actually buying a house! (and all by myself!)

Assuming everything goes well, I should be closing in June!

Until then, I’ll be stressing over the inspection and appraisal.

So there you go! You are completely caught up on my home buying adventure!

Stick around! I will be sure to give updates as we get closer to closing.

Happy Tuesday!  


  1. So awesome you bought a house!! I just bought one recenty too, I've been there for one month and i'm going crazy with everything I want to do there! Do you read younghouselove? They have SO many awesome ideas!

  2. Congrats! I bet you are! I can't wait to get my hands on mine! I just found them! They are pretty awesome! :-)

  3. Awesome, Britt!! Congratulations!