Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Old Soul

This morning I read two different blog posts in which the author mentioned something about an “old soul.” (1,2) For some reason that phrase got my attention.

Do you ever sit back and assess your personality? I mean really, do you ever think about what it is that makes you you?

I would definitely categorize myself as an old soul.

Here’s why:

As a toddler, I was in love with Billy Ray Cyrus (I was even pulled up on stage once).

At four years old, my favorite song was Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you.” It’s been one of my favorite songs ever since. (I may or may not have cried when she died).

In pre-school (I know it was pre-school because I have pictures to prove it) I loved to wear my tops backwards. My grandmother made me several outfits where the top would tie in the back; I liked the tie to be in the front because it would show off my stomach.

Correct way to wear the top (tie in back)...look at my Bub! Isn't he cute!
Tie in front...smh.
(This is a different material but it's the same pattern).
Tie in front...Look at my Bub again! Awe.
I started shaving my legs (behind my mother’s back) in the fourth grade.

I’ve worn makeup every day since sixth grade.

We have home videos of my nine year old self criticizing my mother’s parenting skills. Referring to my baby sister, I ask: “Are you really going to let her do that?”

In high school I painted my walls hunter green and slept under a maroon floral comforter (FLORAL? I was an odd child).

I’ve loved being in control (read: bossy) since before I can remember.

I’d rather listen to show tunes than any other genre of music. (Imagine my horror when my trainer picked up my iPod to play some music during our workout…yeah he wasn’t crazy about Barbara Streisand).

Barbara Streisand is my favorite.

I love putting on my pajamas at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

Staying up past midnight is nearly impossible.

I wear pantyhose to work (It is a work policy, but now I feel naked without them).

My MOTHER says I dress conservatively.

Did I mention that in comparison to my grandpa (Hi poppa!), I am the more conservative one? (When it comes to politics and such).

I would rather play board games with my family than go out to a club.

Come to think of it, in high school I spent most of my weekends with my family instead of going “out.”

My freshman year of college was a little crazy but the last three years were spent studying and being a hermit. I hardly ever went out and I rarely drank.

Speaking of being a hermit, I am terrified of dating. I wish I could skip the whole thing; all the small talk, the who pays for dinner? Why did I say that!? Should I text him? Or should I wait? What if he thinks I’m a clinger?  Sometimes I wonder if I’m meant to be a single old lady like the Golden Girls. 

Let’s be honest, they were pretty awesome.

What about you? How would you categorize yourself?
Are you an old soul?
Or are you young at heart?

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