Wednesday, March 27, 2013


This morning I attended a lecture entitled “You Matter!” It was basically about internal growth and accomplishing your goals.

During his speech, Sean Abbananto posed the question:

“Do we hang out with people that celebrate us or tolerate us?”

Wow, I thought. I’ve spent a lot of time around people that make me feel tolerated rather than celebrated.

Like high school: As a teenager, I was very insecure about what others thought of me and I never felt like I truly fit in. I tried to get in with the “cool kids” and rarely got noticed. I had a couple of “friends” in my show choir but again, I felt somewhat invisible. Even a few kids at my church made me feel unworthy.

I constantly felt venerable to other people’s opinions. I had two friends in high school that really celebrated me. Everyone else, well they were tolerable.  

I think most teenagers go through these emotions. It’s a part of life.

A couple of days ago I mentioned that in high school, I enjoyed the company of my family more than my peers. I think it’s because I always felt celebrated by my family. I could be myself and not worry about what they would think. They loved me unconditionally.


On the flip side, how many people have I “tolerated?”

Can I honestly say that I strive to make my friends and acquaintances feel celebrated every day?


I’m not perfect, I am selfish and sometimes I forget to treat others the way I want to be treated.

Life is hard. No matter what age you are, your problems are REAL. Your insecurities are REAL. Facing them is easier when you are surrounded by people that lift you up rather than tear you down.

So, I just want to take a few seconds to celebrate my friends.

You lift me up. You accept me. You give me the confidence to be my true self. You love me unconditionally. You make me feel normal. But most of all, you make me happy. I love you!



My beautiful sorority sisters, SLAM!


Susan and Brooke

RDR girls! I love you all!

And to all of you who read my blog, you make me feel so loved. You lift me up. You accept me. You give me the confidence to be my true self. Your comments make me so happy!

Thanks for sticking around!


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  1. Hi Brittney, you are one amazing and caring person! Who wouldn't love you?? I miss you! I hope to see you soon!!!