Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Andrea's First Annual Super Bowl Party

Throughout my lifetime, my mother has only thrown two parties (maybe three if you count the millennium New Year's Eve party she threw 13 years ago).
Like me, she prefers to attend other people's parties where she can let loose and still come home to a nice clean house. 
(I guess I should point out that we *did* in fact have birthday parties, but those don't count. Today, I'm talking about "grown up" parties. Read: parties with "grown up drinks" ).
So when my mom mentioned throwing a Super Bowl party, I was shocked! This is so unlike her!
Of course, I had to attend. Afterall, this is the thrid party she's ever thrown...it might not happen again for another 5 to 6 years.
Here are a few snap shots I took before the party:



Please note that I stopped taking photos after this picture of the wings coming out of the oven...I may or may not have been distracted by their deliciousness and forgot about my camera. Oh well...

We also had ribs, veggies, a 7-layer-dip and several ah-mazing desserts.

Someone at the party mentioned that Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest holiday for eating.

Any guesses to what took the 1st place slot?


I can safely say this was the best Super Bowl Party I've ever been to. Below are 5 reason's why:

1. the food
2. the game was showing on 3 different TV's (living room, kitchen, back patio)
3. Kosmo was there

4. the food, specifically the ribs.
5. the food, specifically the desserts.

What I'm trying to say is, I had a wonderful time.

Also, I think my mom should throw more parties.

Mom- I'm thinking your next one should be an Oscar Party! Also, please note the title of this post... That's right... I've decided this should be an annual thing! You can thank me later ;-)

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Fun! The only better than just watching football is watching football with family and FOOD. :) Can't wait to hear about NEXT year!