Thursday, January 17, 2013

I dream of tulle

So yesterday I promised you a lighthearted post...I'm sorry to all of my man friends out there, but you probably wont be interested in today's topic (if you are, that's totally okay! no judgement here).  

But...I'm swooning over ballerina skirts! I've got it bad!

For YEARS I've been in love with this look.

It all started when I first saw Carrie Bradshaw wearing one on the opening credits of  Sex in the City. At the time, (back in middle school) wearing a fluffy skirt to class wasn't socially acceptable.

Today, 10 years later, I'm beginning to see signs of a new trend...yes, that's right people, it is finally "cool" to wear tutus!

In the last month, two of my favorite fashion bloggers have donned this adorable look.

Check out La Vie Petite in her makeshift skirt. Would you believe me if I told you this is the bottom of her prom dress??? Brilliant, I tell you! Brilliant!


and I love the way Pink Pistachio has belted hers:


I came across this skirt from the Shabby Apple. It's not too expensive but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. The problem: I have absolutely no where to wear it! 

Also, I'm not sure the trend has reached my small town. I think I might get a few looks if I decided to wear this to karaoke night at Apple Bee's.

What about you, do you think ballerina skirts are in?


  1. I saw a skirt like this at Anthro & loved it! But I have the same problem as you - nowhere to wear it!

  2. I love the ballerina skirts but being from a small town does pose a problem. I just do it anyway and get some looks!