Thursday, December 20, 2012

Matched Review and Cast List

Because it’s the holidays and most of us will be traveling,

and January-February are the dullest months known to man,

and the weather is dreary,

and we are predicted to get a blizzard next week…

I thought I would do a book review on the Matched series.

Matched, written by Ally Condie, is the typical “teens against society” theme. It's VERY very similar to The Giver (one of my all-time favorites…if you didn’t read this in High School, you need to stop what you’re doing and pick up a copy today).

The Plot:

Matched is about a society where officials decide every aspect of a person's life: who they'll marry or be 'matched' with, when they'll die, what they eat, how they dress, and their daily routines. The main character, Cassia, has never questioned the society and is pleased with her match. However, slowly she begins to fall in love with someone else, a boy who is an outcast in the society. Cassia is faced with the choice of living out the life she was meant to live or following her heart and breaking all the rules to be with the one she loves (I think we all know how this is going to turn out…).

My thoughts:

I actually listened to the audiobook on a Thanksgiving road trip to Kansas City. If you're traveling over the holidays, I highly recommend audio books. I bought this one on’s a couple dollars more than the eBook but saved me from listing to my dad’s sports radio!

Back to the book…It served its purpose. I enjoyed listening to it and it kept me entertained. However, it was written for teenagers so keep that in mind. I thought the characters (and their relationships) could have been a little more developed but I loved the storyline. This is a quick read; I think the audio book was about 8 hours. I finished the last two books in the trilogy (Crossed and Reached). I thought they were really good and I was satisfied with the ending. (I hate reading a series and being dissappointed in the ending...that wont happen with this trilogy!)

My Cast list:
Cassia: Emma Roberts
Xander: Josh Hutcherson
Ky: Keegan Allen
(I'm soo type casting him...but he just play's the outcast so well)
Happy Reading!

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