Monday, December 3, 2012

A mother-daughter tradition.

Growing up, my mother and I had a love hate relationship. I was the typical irritable/moody teenage daughter, she was the stressed out single mother. It got ugly y’all.

But we had a common bond that always brought us together- Christmas Lights.

It was “our thing.” She would take me out of school for the day and we would hang all the lights. We had swag lights, icicle lights, and bush lights. We covered every inch of the front of our house (what we could reach) with white lights. It was so much fun.

Later in the evening, once it became dark, we would walk down our driveway and admire our hard work. We would discuss how much better our house looked than the others. It was a moment where all the fighting and cursing ceased.

We united as mother and daughter; sharing a love for our home, what we referred to as the “doll house.”

Yesterday, I helped my mom with the bush lights (She hires someone to do the house lights). I haven’t helped her with that task in years. I was overcome with memories of my childhood. Wonderful memories of the days I spent with my mom, days that I had her all to myself. It was a rare thing to not have to compete with my younger siblings for her attention.

This year, after the sun went down, we gathered in the driveway and admired our work. We discussed how our house was the best in the neighborhood.

We no longer fight like we used to. Our relationship has changed so much in the last couple of years; we’ve grown to be friends, the best of friends.

 But in that moment, I felt like the 10 year old girl of my past.

Blissfully happy from the day I spent with my momma…

and overcome with gratitude for the blessings we’ve received this year.

I love you mom.


  1. your mom's house looks gorgeous :) what a beautiful post!

  2. You did A great job this year Britt in not only putting up the lights but also directing Brandon how to help you.