Friday, December 28, 2012

12 favorites in 2012

Happy Friday internet! This will be my last post until after the new year. This weekend I'm headed to Kansas City...

Went to Kansas City on a Friday
By Saturday I learned a thing or two
But up 'till then I didn't have an idea
Of what the mod'rn world was comin' to.

If you know what musical the above lyrics are from, we will be best friends for life...

Anyway, I saw this idea on Kaleigh's blog and thought I would do it too! are some of my favorite things in 2012.
1. Shoe: oxford
2. Jewelry: anything gold!
especially these:
3. Fashion Trend: fur
4. Place to Shop: LOFT
5. Home D├ęcor Trend: sunburst mirror
Pinned here.

7. Recipe: Rosemary Pot Roast
8. Trip: New York City
9. Book: Divergent
10. Social Media: Instagram.
 I’m dying to recreate this:
Pinned here.

12. Blogger:
(aside from the Pioneer Woman)
 The Honest Toddler.
A blog written from the viewpoint of a child. Hilarious! This post is my favorite.
I had so much fun looking back at some of my favorites & I would love to hear about yours!
Happy Friday, see ya next year!

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