Monday, October 22, 2012

my weekend and update on my mom.

As I mentioned Friday, I spent the weekend with two of my favorite people: Autumn and Ava.

Ava’s daddy was out of town so we had ourselves a girls weekend.

I just love those lips.

Saturday, we went to a fall festival.

Ava and I took lots of pictures together.

She is quite the wiggle worm.

She is constantly changing her mind on whether or not she wants to be held or put back down…but then you put her down and she decides she wants to be held.

It’s all very exhausting.

And absolutely adorable.

Sadly Autumn and I never got a picture together.

We tried taking one but decided the angle made us look fat...we deleted it quickly.

Sunday, I drove to Edmond to stay the night with my little sister.

Our brother, Brandon, joined us for dinner.

I cooked a pot roast.

To my surprise, there weren't any leftovers!

It was a rare treat to spend an evening alone with my siblings. Our mom is out of town so we had the house to ourselves.

A month or so ago, I wrote this post about my Mom’s diagnosis with breast cancer…there aren’t many updates to report. Yesterday she traveled to Houston, where she is visiting doctors at M.D. Anderson.

She is still trying to figure out when/where/who should do the mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.We are praying that she finds clarity (and peace) this week in Huston. It’s going to be a long road but I know God has his protective hands on her.      

For more information on my Mom, visit her blog at Busting Free!

While my mom is in Huston, I am keeping our family dog, Kosmo.  

Kosmo lives with my Mom but I like to think of myself as “Kosmo’s momma.” I got him when I was fourteen. When I went off to college my mom refused to part with him.

I’m so excited to have his company this week.

I packed his favorite toys!

I apologize in advance for all the pictures I’ll be posting on instagram of my fur-baby, and will try my best to not go overboard!

Happy Monday!

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