Friday, October 19, 2012

High Five for Friday!

I type this post with heavy eyes, bad hair, and no mascara.

This week has been a crazy one.

Long gone are the days of late nights with 10 a.m. wake up calls for class.

Also, long gone are the days where sweat pants and sorority shirts pass as acceptable “work” attire.

I have a very real desire to implement "nap time" at work. How wonderful would it be to pull out a red and blue mat, pillow, and a fleece blanket every day at 1:00?

Hey, a girl can dream!

Today we are linking up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk for High Five for Friday!

The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

1. Starbucks and an Audio book. Best idea I’ve had all week. I’m about half way through (I’ve been in the car A LOT this week) and so far I LOVE it. Review coming soon!

2. A new favorite: Muse by Lucca. It’s a little home d├ęcor boutique located in Penn Square Mall, OKC. I can’t decide whether or not to be happy because I found a charming place to shop, or cry because most of the stuff is out of my budget.

I went home with these precious silver plated antlers:

I can't wait to start adding color!

They are the first purchase for my bathroom re-do. I’m thinking black and white with a splash of color, maybe some chevron? Shopping for shower curtains as we speak.

3. Just hours after purchasing the antlers, I traveled to Madill, Okla. Hometown of my Ma and Pa. Where I attended an art show and got to pick out a painting to take home. Thank you Poppa!

I chose this adorable cow:

I’m envisioning him in a big gallery frame with a dramatic white mat. When I sent the picture to my mom she replied “were laughing.” I guess I’ve gone country!

4. This week’s episode of Modern Family was brilliant. I had to pause the show because I was laughing so hard! I just love Cam!

Image stolen from Facebook.
I hope her Momma doesn't mind!
5. I’m so excited to be spending the weekend with my precious niece and best friend. Her Daddy is out of town so we are having a girl’s weekend!

Happy Friday!


  1. i love audio books for car rides. another recent discovery that helps are podcasts! love that they a free on itunes!

    1. OOOH! Thanks for the tip on podcasts! I will have to check it out!

  2. #1 sounds wonderful, and cozy, and perfect for fall. Haha.
    And your niece is adorable :)

    <3, Cai

    1. It was wonderful! Thanks! I think she is pretty cute too!

  3. Enjoy your girls weekend! What a cute niece you have. :)

    Your plans for a bathroom make over sounds great. I know I don't have to tell you this, but take pictures and show us what you end up with! I've definitely been loving the simplicity of black and white with only a pop of color here and there.

    1. Oh girl, I will take tons of pics! It will probably take a while for me to find everything!

  4. this post makes me want to go to a book store and drink some coffee :)

  5. Your neice is soooo adorable!! Nicholas Sparks is pretty fantastic. Have a wonderful weekend, dear.