Thursday, September 20, 2012

Awkward and Awesome!


-The other day, while traveling in a company vehicle (white Chevy Malibu), I decided to stop at a drugstore and get a snack. Upon leaving the store, I unlocked the car, opened the door and climbed in. I was a little alarmed to see someone else’s things in the car. I thought to myself “I don’t remember this stuff being in here earlier.” The next thing I knew, a lady was running straight toward me screaming at me to get out of her car!

Yep that’s right. I climbed into the wrong vehicle!

Of course I explained myself and she forgave me…Being the nice person that I am, I spared her the lecture about LOCKING YOUR DOORS!

I mean, if her door had been locked this whole thing could have been avoided. Sigh.

-Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned all the grunting men at my gym?

Well guess who’s picked up the habit?

Yours truly.

Yesterday my class was very small –only two of us showed up- so I basically got a private training session for free! However, this means that the trainer was able to give me his undivided attention. No longer are the days that I can slack off behind his back.

Towards the end of class, we were doing lunges holding 25 pound weights (It was unbearable).

I have no idea how it happened, but something came over me and I grunted! It was so embarrassing.

I looked at the trainer with wide eyes and he started laughing…It was a defining moment in my new life as a gym-member.

I decided that not only has my body been pushed to the limits, so has my ego.

To lift my spirits, I did the only think I could think of: I got a pedicure.

It totally worked.


-This carnival wedding. 

-Hearing the ice cream truck pass by. The jingle always makes me smile.

-All the love I’ve gotten on Facebook this week. Kailea, Paige, and Chrissy, I’m talking to you. You ladies made me feel so loved and I can’t thank you enough for your kind words. Things have been a little tough lately and it’s just what I needed!

Hope you’re having an awesome week! Only one day left!

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  1. Glad the lady got okay with you almost stealing her car! ;) I love the ice cream man....Even though they do kind of creep me out a bit.