Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DIY Gallery Frame

Let me start this by saying I'm new to owning art. My grandmother was a beautiful water colorist and I have some of her work, but other than that I'm a novice in the art world.

A few months ago my Poppa gave me the most beautiful paintings and I decided they would look exquisite in a gallery style frame.

Of course, my first thought: Hobby Lobby! I waited for the half price sale, hoping to snag a couple of cheap (plastic) black gallery frames. Little did I know, the paintings are odd sized and had to be custom framed. After learning the pricing for custom framing, I decided keep the old frames. They just needed a little TLC.

Unfortunately, I'm a terrible DIY-er.

I consider myself to be reasonably creative; I have no problem coming up with ideas. It's the execution that I struggle with.

But how hard can it be to take apart a frame and spray paint it black? right?

Let me just say...I may or may not have scratched the surface of my coffee table trying to take them apart.


I definitely got too close with the spray paint and have dripping paint marks down the sides of both frames.

Dripping Paint...

Also, I chipped them trying to screw the frames back together.

Chipped Paint...

Who knew filling in chipped paint with a sharpie would look tacky? (It was easier than taking them apart to re-spray paint).

Tried to cover it up with sharpie = fail.

Needless to say, they are beautiful at a distance but if you get too close you can see my flaws.

I'm still happy with how they turned out.

Right now they are proudly displayed in my office.

And you know what? I think they look positively lovely.

*Please note that I plan on filling in the bare walls; this office is temporary so I'm holding off on the decorations!

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