Monday, July 30, 2012

My Birthday Weekend!


1. My best friend from college sent me the most beautiful flowers.
2. My favorite place to see movies: Warren Theatre.
3. I finally saw Dark Knight Rises. Amazing! Loved it!
4. We sat in the balcony (it's a restaurant in a movie theater, but with heated seats!)


5. My mom cooked my favorite meal: Sish Kabobs (marinated chicken, steak, bacon wrapped onions and mushrooms...YUM.)
6. Twice baked potatoes.
7. My grandmothers oriental salad (a.k.a. Grammy's salad).
8. Cookie cake. My absolute favorite.

9. Morning cuddles with my precious baby.
10. Church with the family. They're doing  "At the Movie" series.
11. Lifechurch had the best decorations. This is the entry into the sanctuary. (They were handing out popcorn for people to eat DURING CHURCH. It was pretty awesome...)
12. Getting ready for my trip to NYC! I picked up some travel size cleanser. I leave in 3 days!

Not pictured:

I spent Sunday afternoon with my Dad in Tulsa. We swam, grilled burgers, ate homemade strawberry cake, I opened my awesome presents (including a diamond necklace...and a Dyson vacuum. I'm officially a grown-up). 

Also, I'm now a proud member of Sam's Club. Yes, adulthood is in full swing. 

Thank you for all of the Birthday wishes on Facebook! I felt sooo loved! I had such a wonderful weekend. I am very grateful to all my friends and family who went out of their way to make my birthday special!

I love you all!

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  1. Happy belated Birthday :) sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! xox