Thursday, July 19, 2012

Awkward and Awesome


-A couple of days ago, while I was outside taking pictures of my Birchbox, my crazy neighbor (the one I wrote about here) came out wearing his tighty whities (and nothing else) (he was taking his trash out). It was very disturbing and somewhat humorous to watch him dart to his door after he noticed me.

-My glasses are officially lost. This doesn't really qualify as "awkward" I'm just really sad about it and thought that venting on here might help.  I've had them for about two months. They've been missing for a while. I don't remember when I last saw them but I think it has been about 2 weeks. In the mean time, I am squinting and creating all kinds of lines in my forehead. Is it weird that I have an emotional attachment to them? They were my first pair. They made me feel smart! I want them back!

I feel like Bette Midler's character on Hocus Pocus when she loses her book.

-That moment when you arrive at work and realize that you’ve spilt toothpaste (out of your mouth) all over your black pencil skirt. Yep. Happens more frequently than you would think.


-The sweet old ladies who were picking up trash along my jogging trail.

-I finally placed an order for my blog business cards. They should be in Monday! One less thing to worry about for NYC!

-Speaking of NYC, I leave 2 weeks from today!

-While I was turning my house upside down looking for my glasses, I found my apple earphones (they've been missing since last OCTOBER). I found them stuck in an old purse. It was a beautiful reunion.

Yes, I'm terrible about misplacing things.

I'm convinced house elf's are real and they've been hiding my stuff.

(Okay, I don't think house elf's are real...please don't think I'm crazy)

Hope you’re having an awesome week!


  1. I lost my first pair of glasses too and I was soooo upset about it! They were the cutest pair and ya know what I did with them?? I had them on a lunch tray at the cafeteria and threw them in the trash with all the food on my plate! Didn't realize that is what I had done until all the trash had been taken out =(

  2. You had me laughing as I read about your neighbor guy. I'd be thinking, "Really?!?!" if he were my neighbor.

    Sorry about losing things....I feel ya though! Sometime in the last two weeks I lost or misplaced as I like to call it, my house charger for my cell phone. Not good at all!