Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To all of my "online" friends...

There are days when I’d rather read about your life than write about my own…Whether it be on Facebook, twitter or my blogger feed, sometimes I get a little carried away with my stalking tendencies.

Today is one of those days.

Some of you are friends from high school or college.

Some of you are family.

A lot of you are people I’ve never met before.

So with that being said, you all are very interesting…

1. To the man who wants to know if he should shave his face or just clean it up?

Shave it all off.

2. To the girl who had a dream about Johnny Depp last night:

You lucky B!

3. To the Mom whose child had an accident in their crib during nap time:

Please, we didn’t need a picture of that.

4. To the student who hates summer school because they’d rather be at the lake:

Welcome to the real world.

5. To the person who injured their toe (and may or may not have lost the nail):

Please take down the photos!

6. To the fashion blogger who always has a new outfit to show off...
...and never wears anything more than once:

Can I have a seed from your money tree? Or could I at least borrow those shoes you wore 3 months ago and haven’t been pictured in since?

7. To the food blogger that cooks with an ungodly amount of butter while maintaining your slim figure:

What brand of butter are you using?

8. To the gifted story tellers who can bring me to tears with one sentence:

God bless you.

9. To the same story tellers that have the ability to make me fall out of my chair with laughter:

Don't Stop.

10. I stole this from @brookeclay:

"If you feel the need to tweet a screen shot of the 7-day weather forecast, please don't. said everyone... everywhere."

I agree.

(but I'm also guilty)

 *Note* if you follow an Oklahoman (on any social media outlet) you are guaranteed to hear about the weather at some point in time.

It’s what we do best.

and now I feel like the girl in the Toyota commercial
(the one who wants her parents to join facebook)
click here if you’re confused.

I’m glad we had this talk.


  1. LOVE this post!! It made me giggle.

    1. Aww yay! I'm glad! That makes me giggle!

  2. Haha this was a cute post! :) Made me laugh

  3. lol...That's real life! The things people post are definitely odd sometimes. Way to address it though!

    1. Agreed...sometimes people are too open haha! Thanks!

  4. Hahaha. This cracked me up! Seriously, why do people put pictures up of their kid's blowouts? GROSS.

    Also, the butter. All I can think about is The Pioneer Woman. NOT FAIR!

    1. OMG! I know right! (Girl, you know I was talking about the pioneer woman...seriously, I don't understand how she stays so thin!)