Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I did it! I really did it!!

When I began jogging I could barely run 2 minutes at a time, I had terrible side cramps and couldn’t catch my breath. I am dead serious when I say that I have NEVER pushed myself physically (unless you count learning how to do the splits or a back handspring).

I am amazed at the changes in my stamina and endurance. I feel great, I’m sleeping better, and I think I look a little leaner. It has been such a wonderful experience.

However, the day leading up to the race was a little tense. This sounds silly after the fact, but I had a lot of anxiety about the 5K. My stomach was in knots, I couldn’t sleep the night before; I woke up before my alarm that morning.

The course was extremely difficult for a novice runner like me. There were several hills. By the end of the run my calves were shot. I did get a teeny tiny side cramp but it went away.

Looking back, nothing compares to how I felt after I crossed the finish line. I was so excited to see everyone cheering me one, I was relieved to be finished, and I was proud of myself for staying dedicated and accomplishing this goal.

For some of you, this might seem insignificant. I realize that 3.1 miles is no marathon. But for me, it was a big accomplishment. I know that I am capable of anything I put my mind to. I’ve always been aggressive at accomplishing my goals, however, this is the first time I have had to sweat and suffer through the pain.

I’m excited to continue training and running. Maybe one day I will be able to increase my distance! I look forward to my next 5K this August in NEW YORK CITY!!!

Here are a few pictures I took at the run:

Me, Mom, Mikayla waiting to start.
Do I look nervous!?
Side note: Wow! my head is HUGE! Look at it compared to my Mom
I blame it on the camera angle..

Me and Brooke before the run

Me and Mikaya
I'm very nervous at this point

Mikayla coming across the finish line
(Brooke took this)
(There's no way I finished before her)

My Momma crossing the finish line!

(Not pictured: me crossing the finish line.)
Why you ask?
The pictures were mortifying.
One word:
I'll know better next time
Can you see the cloudy skies? God was with us! (I wouldn't have been able to do those hills under the hot summer sun).
My final time? 33:27
Let's see if I can do better in NYC!