Monday, June 25, 2012

Four guys Named Al

It’s no secret that I love a good show. I’m constantly surrounded by nerdy/show-tuney type stuff.

My childhood room at my Dad's house was Broadway inspired. I had several Broadway posters on the walls. I had “New York” themed knickknacks on display and the word “DREAM” (which I bedazzled with rhinestones) hung above my bed.

Whenever I go home and see those posters I wonder what my coworkers would think if I hung them in my office…

Sometimes I get a little jealous of those people who grew up and accomplished my dream of being a performer. Truth be told, I’m no Idina Menzel. In high school I was the third chorus girl from the right (on the back row). I’d like to think that I have a pretty singing voice but who knows what I sound like? (Although, I’m sure my neighbor could tell you! haha).

See that guy on the far right? That's Corey, he's pretty awesome.

Anyway, I was absolutely delighted to see one of my friends perform in "Four Guys Named Al” at my alma mater last weekend. The show was written by a faculty member at Southeastern and it was hilarious! The talent was incredible and the four-part harmony gave me chills.

I was so proud of everyone involved. It was truly the best show I have seen at Southeastern!

If you are in the area (southern Oklahoma-ish) and love a good show, I highly encourage you to check out the Oklahoma Shakespearean Festival.

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