Monday, June 4, 2012


Girls weekend was marvelous.

Sometimes the best cure for a stressful week is hopping in the car and escaping reality with your best gals.

I did my best to take pictures. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my fancy camera. I decided, for it's own safety, that it should stay at home.

The pictures I took on my phone are horrendous. Please bare with me. If you've been watching instagram you've already seen most of them, however, I've included captions.

Let the recap begin!

We arrived at Mi Cocina around 8:30 Friday evening. If you live near one, I highly recommend the brisket tacos. Yum! Also, the Mambo Taxis are delish (but watch out because they are stout).

Following our scrumptious dinner, we spent several hours in the hot tub dancing/singing to some classic hits (from our  high school days) including Destiny Child's "Say My Name."

Saturday we went to Bread Winners for brunch.

Following brunch, we went a couple of stores. I bought two scarfs. I have a serious problem. My scarf collection is out of control. I need help.

We spent the rest of the day poolside.

Yes, I realize this photo is supposed to represent "poolside" and it was taken indoors. However, I assure you those cups and the flamingo were very instrumental in our sunbathing activities.

There's something about reading a magazine by the's probably one of my favorite pass times.

We watched the Thunder beat the Spurs at a cute indoor/outdoor sports bar in uptown called the Knodding Donkey.

After dinner, we decided to go out on the town. First, we went to Primebar for a little dancing. (sadly I didn't take any photos....)

Following Primebar we went to Ghostbar. This place is by far the coolest club I've ever been to! It is located on the roof of The W Dallas Victory Hotel. The usual cover is $20...the bouncer let us in for free. (Oh yeah, this is the same hotel that Khloe and Lamar lived in while he played for the Mavericks).

With the flash...

Without the flash...
Everything inside is blue and white. Very chic.

The view from Ghostbar is unreal. It was incredible!

Sunday we went to go see Snow White and the Huntsman. Loved this movie y'all! Charlize Theron was magnificent! Her costumes were to die for! Kristin Stewart was okay...I could go either way with her. However, she was not the "fairest of them all" if you ask me....

I hope you had a great weekend as well (I'm still recovering from mine)!

Here's to a good week!


  1. O M G...please tell me you DID NOT drink a Donkey Punch at the Knodding Donkey?!!! I have a story...and it's good.