Thursday, June 14, 2012

Awkward and Awesome


-That moment when someone hurts themselves and you can’t stop laughing. I got sooo giggly when one of my friends (Susan) stepped on a scorpion. She hopped around on one foot (crying but kind of laughing at the same time) screaming “it hurts! It hurts!” It was quite the scene. Of course, I’m not mature enough to watch her fit with a straight face.

-My not-so-secret-but-really-embarrassing love for abc Family. I’ve banned myself from watching "Bunheads." Although, a teen show about dancing is right up my alley (I would probably love it). Unfortunately, I’ve met my quota of abc Family programming. I’m already a devoted follower of “Secret Life,” “PLL,” “Jane by Design,” and “The Lying Game.”

I have to mention the Thunder. A couple of things strike me as “awkward.”

-First, to the people who are lucky enough to attend the finals but decide against wearing the t-shirt: I don’t get it? Why are you too cool for the shirt? By now it is safe to assume that you will receive a free t-shirt at each playoff game...plan your outfit accordingly and be a team sport.

-Second, to the girl in the orange skinnies (sitting courtside) at last Tuesday’s game: while I applaud your bravery, I am a little concerned about what those looked like in real life. I mean neon orange? Covering my butt and thighs? I don’t think so.


-Last Sunday I bought Twilight Breaking Dawn (part 1). I had forgotten how much I love the series. After watching it, I immediately got on Google and discovered that part 2 opens November 16th. Also, I watched the teaser trailer (Located here) and have been excited ever since.

-Susan and I finally finished Mad Men season two! Is there hope for Don Draper after all? The letter he wrote to Betty was precious (too bad she ruined it by hooking up with a complete stranger). I’m hoping that Don becomes the attentive and adoring husband that we all fall in love with. (Yes, I realize I’m 3 seasons behind…please don’t ruin it for me!)

-Kate and Lauren’s 30X30 challenge: 30 outfits, using 30 articles of clothing/accessories. I’m thinking about participating. It’s a great way to utilize the clothing you ALREADY own, while being creative. My only problem: It’s really hard to take pictures of myself and I refuse to do the mirror shots. If I can find someone willing to do weekly pics, I will join the challenge!

-The endless hours me and my best (Autumn) spend talking about 50 shades...she's probably the only person (on earth) that I'm comfortable enough to discuss it with. Also, she is probably the only person I will consider seeing the movie with.


  1. I love Secret Life! I wasn't a fan of the first episode of Bunheads, it moved way too fast and I was confused about what was going on.

    A more documentary type dance show is called Breaking Pointe and I believe it's on CW. It's really good and follows the ballet company Ballet West, check it out :)

    1. Thanks girl! I will check it out (I am in LOVE with Dance Moms on Lifetime...) I'm glad to hear I'm not missing out on bunheads! (that name is weird!)

  2. I have no idea how they are going to pull that movie off (50shades). I am ashamed that I am deeply entrenched in this KIND of BOOK series.. but curiosity just got the best of me. That's all I'm saying. ))

    1. You make me smile! I'm glad you are enjoying the books...I've read them all twice now! I can't wait for the movie!