Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My new specs!

Up until six months ago I’ve had excellent vision.

I’m baffled by the fact that last June, when I was signing up for all my health benefits at work, I decided to forgo the extra vision plan because *I thought I had perfect vision*

Now, almost a year later, I have glasses and some serious wrinkles between my eyebrows from all the squinting I’ve been doing.

So that brings me to yesterday…I’m at the eyeglass store, trying to pick out a pair of frames when it hit me: This problem I have (not being able to see things clearly) is going to be around forever.

The glasses I’m about to choose, will change the way my FACE looks. This isn’t an accessory or something I can buy in every color to go with every outfit.

These babies will be the focal point of my look every day.

Suddenly, I have no idea what type of frames to get. Big, small, square, cat eye, plastic, invisible, black, brown, tortoise. I’m sitting there surrounded by hundreds of glasses completely overwhelmed.

Obviously I shouldn’t have come alone. This decision is far too big to make on my own. I need a friend to tell me how I look.

I mean, you bring someone with you to shop for proms and weddings. Why not for glasses? Something you wear every day! To me, this shopping decision is as important as deciding what ball gown to wear to prom.

So I sat there. In front of a small vanity mirror, for TWO HOURS rotating four different frames.

This is following the 30 minutes I spent narrowing the hundreds of frames down to four.

My top four frames included a trendy Ray Ban, a classic Ralph Lauren, Juicy Couture, and a Fossil frame.

Side note: Did you know Paula Dean has a glasses brand? I didn’t either. Are glasses like the new “perfume” for celebrities? Do you think Britney and J Lo will come out with a line? Maybe Jessica Simpson?

Oh yeah, my top four.

So after looking at myself in the mirror for two hours, I decided to eliminate the Ray Bans because I’m afraid it's a trend I’ll look back on and regret. Something my kids will poke fun at me 30 years from now.

I took out the Juicy Couture pair because it had rhinestones on the side. I decided that was too much *bling bling* for my every day look.

I was left with the Ralph Lauren and the Fossil frames.

The Ralph Lauren pair was small and rectangular with a thick black plastic frame. Looked great with the black and white outfit I was wearing yesterday.

But in the end, I chose the Fossil pair because I loved the shape and the color.

They're dark enough to pass as black or brown but they have hints of a deep red or plum. Honestly, I can’t decide what color they are…I think that’s why I like them.

So, what do you think?


  1. I love them!! they look gorgeous! Perfect choice :)

  2. Wow! You look studious! Like your headed to the court room. Good choice!

  3. Very cute! I remember picking out my frames and I'm pretty sure I took just as long :)

  4. Thanks ladies! I really like them :-)