Thursday, May 10, 2012

Awkward and Awesome!


-Everything about Facebook timeline. I was bound and determined to boycott the timeline but a few weeks ago I was forced into it by the Facebook people. In protest, I've left my cover photo blank! (I'll show them!) No really, it is just because I couldn't find a picture that worked. I finally put one up this week but I still don't like it...Its hard enough finding a profile pic, now I have to have a background photo?  I'm pretty sure my friends cant handle two awkward self portraits. I chose a picture of my happy place: A coffee mug, my iPad (resting in its adorable Pencil Shavings case) sitting on the patio table next to my Dad's pool in Tulsa. Sweet Bliss. How how I wish I could be there now.

-Last week I attended a two day conference. By the end of the day Saturday I was beyond done. So I'm sitting across from this mother of four, who is expecting her fifth- God bless her, and she looks over at me and asks, "Do I look tired?" I hesitate, not sure if it is a trap, and respond politely, "No! you look great!" I proceed to ask her the same questions about myself. Her response, "Well yes, yes you do!" I laughed it off.


-I'm still running y'all! Cross your fingers that I'll be ready for the 5K in June!

-Lunch date with my friend Melissa. We are both retired sorority girls so when we get together we plan out our entire year (socially speaking). We are like two peas in a pod! I am so excited for our "Once Upon a Time finale dinner" next week. We are having apple pie and white wine for dessert (get the snow white reference?)

-As of this weekend, I've been out of college for a year! Oh my, time has flown! I think this year might have been my best yet. I couldn't be happier with my career and the experience I have gained. It has been an absolute whirl wind and I look forward to seeing where I'll be this time next year!

Have a wonderful Thursday and don't forget: This weekend is Mother's Day!

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