Thursday, May 3, 2012

Awkward and Awesome!

Hello Internet. I am blogging from my phone today so bare with me! I apologize for any format or grammatical errors that might appear in today's post.

I'm keeping it short this week!


-The lady at the tanning salon who walked out of her room with a bra in hand. Wearing a *thin* tank top. Ladies, if you have to cross your arms to cover your loose tatas, you should probably use the 10 extra seconds it takes to put on the bra!

-You know you are from the city when you come home (after a night out with friends) and you are completely appalled by the fact that all of your neighbors are sleeping with their windows open. They're just asking for trouble! Not to mention the humidity. Yuck.

-I am incapable of riding in a car without getting car sick. Lately I've been traveling a lot for work and I got sick for the third time yesterday! It is really embarrassing and I'm sure my coworkers dread traveling with me.


-Freshly waxed eyebrows

-The third book in my series, Bitterblue, came out this week! You can read my thoughts about the first book (Graceling) here, and the second (Fire) here.  I can't wait to cozy up with some coffee and my new read!

-Can you believe it has been in the 90's this week? I'm a little scared for summer but I am enjoying it while it lasts.

-Yesterday I was at our State Capitol for work. We saw so many kids come to visit with their school and the last group to come through was from Jenks West, my elementary school. I didn't recognize any of the teachers but it reminded me of how much fun I had there. I yelled "Go Trojans!" and they all cheered. It was pretty awesome.

See you tomorrow for #H54F!


  1. It has been in the 90s here too! I work part time at a dry cleaners with no air conditioning, so it is no bueno!

    And I totally feel you about the new book! I just started 50 Shades of Grey. WTH that book is so messed up, and I can't stop reading it!

    PS Be sure to check out my giveaway! It ends Saturday!

    1. Oh no!! I bet it gets hot at your job!! I have been DYING to read 50 shades of grey!! It's next on my list!!