Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My fellow bloggers, I need your help!!

I know some of you have encountered problems with finding my site after I changed my URL. Well, you aren't alone! I've also had problems.

After spending hours on Google trying to get it fixed (with no luck), I'm throwing in the towel!

This is what's been going on:

I purchased my domain (www.brittneysorrdinarylife.com) through blogger. I'm in the process of ordering business cards. Because my blog title is so very long, I decided that I didn't want the (dot)blogspot(dot)com on the card.

-Ever since, I've had problems with the URL. Sometimes I can access my site with no problems, other times it appears unavailable.

-Also, I cant share my new posts on facebook with my mobile device or on my desktop. I get a message that says "unable to find link."

-For some reason, my blog appears as "blocked" on my work computer.

Now, I am almost positive that I did something wrong while creating my custom domain. I am in over my head people!

Obviously, I have no clue what I'm doing.

If you think you might be able to help please please please contact me!

Leave a comment
email me here: orrbrittney@ymail.com

Thank you!

*UPDATE: I spoke with the people at Google, apparently a lot of people with custom domains are having issues, they are looking into a solution.

If you have been having problems viewing my blog, please don't give up! I hope it is fixed soon!


  1. I haven't had any trouble so far! But I do hope that you are able to get it figured out....Technology can be soooo frustrating...

  2. It hasn't me view your site for like 3 days but it is working for me today, hallejuah! I was SO sad when it wasn't working. Hope you get it all figured out girl :)

  3. Hope you get it worked out! It's still not working when I try to link from my blogger dashboard (which was my normal means) but I eventually got here by doing a Google search and finally getting one of the links to work. Frustrating for you, I know! Sorry!