Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I used to blog about my “life” every day. I loved telling stories about the Amish lady at Wal-Mart or how I embarrassed myself at work. But sometimes I can get distracted with the pretty things at Ulta or trendy blogs like The Day Book (After all, I am a girl) and I forget my purpose: to capture my moments, to tell my story.

Last night I got home from work, traded my slacks for a pair of Nike dry-fit shorts, piled my hair high on my head, turned on the 5:00 news to keep an eye on the weather and went outside to watch the clouds.

Most days if you ran into me between the hours of 5 pm. and 6 am, my hair will be on top of my head and I will be in some sort of comfy attire.

We had a beautiful storm; it caused enough “hype” on T.V. to be exciting but never produced any tornadoes. The clouds got really dark around 5:30 pm and I caught myself trying to get the “perfect” picture for twitter. I managed to get this one (in which I tweeted: “Thunder Rolls” the theme song for any Oklahoman in the spring).

After I got my picture, I just stood on the stairs of my little apartment and watched it rain. It was so quiet; none of my neighbors were home. It smelled amazing. The green grass and trees came to life, it was a perfect moment.

It was in that moment that I realized how much I missed telling my stories (don’t ask me how rain storms and stories connect…it just happened that way). While I don’t wish to embarrass myself again, I do wish for a creative mind that can mold my imperfections and manipulate the small things into a good tale.

I don't know if it was the calming sensation of the soft rain or the beautiful green surroundings, but I felt at peace. I think that's why I want to write more about my personal life, because I've never been this happy.

It rained for an hour and cleared out around sunset.

I took a picture of the beautiful Oklahoma sky. I didn’t enhance it on Instagram, nor did I tweet or facebook it.

I’ve been saving it to share with you.


  1. Yes. This is great.

  2. gorgeous pictures! :)

  3. Brit, you are a great story teller! You know how to make the mundane memorable, the humorous hilarious and the "every day" entertaining! You are one of the most creative people I know! Reading about your "Orr-dinary Life" is what made me a fan!

  4. This "spring", I have been enjoying all of the rain we have been getting where I live too. That quiet after the rain is something else - I love it. Looking forward to how it keeps you inspired!

  5. This was such a refreshing post to read.
    I admire the fact that you're staying true to yourself :)
    Super inspiring, girl.

    The last picture is breathtaking.
    I just love being outside and taking it all in.
    One of my favorite things.

    Happy Wednesday, love!

  6. Thank you for sharing that with us Brittney. It's such a beautiful picture even without any doctoring. Have a lovely day!